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Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools for organizing the Data

Organizations, irrespective of their size need to take well-planned decisions in order to grow and expand their business. This is precisely why BI or Business Intelligence tools have become more relevant and crucial. BI tools help business in gauging trends and gaining insight into their data for the purpose of strategic decision making. Many start-up organizations and small businesses assume that business intelligence tools are highly complex and advanced for their companies. 

But, contrary to their belief Business Intelligence tools can help organizations of different scales as well as size in making sense of their big data, while also driving profits simultaneously. Today, an increasing number of SMB organizations are turning to BI tools, especially in the wake of rising big data trend. According to industry reports, the BI market has gained immense popularity and is estimated to advance to 20 billion dollars by 2019. In this article, we bring the top 10 Business Intelligence tools that are ideal for both small and large businesses. 

The top 10 Business Intelligence Tools

As already stated above, BI tools are utilized for numerous business purposes including measuring KPIs, deploying resources in a cost-efficient manner, gauging the health of the business and planning accordingly, resolve immediate concerns, gathering marketing info and data quickly and strategic decision making among others. Below, take a look at the top 10 BI tools that are being widely used by businesses across the globe. 

1. Sisense

Sisense allows organizations to gather, analyze as well as view business data that further helps in arriving at sound decisions and strategic planning. Business intelligence tools enable businesses to gather the requisite information/data into a single dashboard using the drag and drop feature. Organizations can rely on the tools to create reliable visual business reports that make the entire process both quick and convenient. With their easy to navigate platform and user-interface, Sisense makes optimal utilization of your computational resources. 

2. Looker

This app is essentially used for discovering data and is widely used by organizations big and small. Its interface is web-based and is utilized for exploiting the capabilities of an organization’s analytics experts. Looker is used by team for building as well as sharing reports quickly, thus allowing the organization to use information/data for boosting business actions and decisions. The tool also allows businesses to come up with their very own analytic based modules and create visualizations with the help of a singular code. 

3. Tableau

This tool helps organizations in viewing as well as understanding data for improving their business performance. It allows businesses to connect, view as well as share info/data via iPad or personal computer. Organizations can rely on the tool for creating dashboards and publishing and sharing the same with their team members, partners as well as customers. Users do not require any prior knowledge or expertise in programming to perform all the above mentioned activities. Additionally, the tool can easily connect with multiple sources of information as well as visualize and import information/data within a short period of time. 

4. SAP Crystal Reports

This tool works with different databases and also gather as well as filter the relevant data for better analysis. SAP Crystal Reports allows users to create reports, while also fulfilling the common tasks related to reporting. The tool uses formulas, cross-tabs, sub-reports and conditional formation to determine the relation between multiple data. The BI tools offers a number of functionalities and features, which enable organizations to access important data in the form of reports, invoices, financial statements, order forms and invoices. 

5. Domo

It’s a tool based on cloud technology and offers businesses with amazing solutions to all their complex problems. Domo allows decision takers to view real-time business data through a single dashboard. The BI tool can be easily used and does not require the user to have any prior training. Apart from the basic data analytics, the tool also offers social sharing features that businesses can use for conducting discussions online.

6. Microsoft Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI tools have been built to allow organizations to analyze their data and gain actionable business insights. The tools transform business related information/data into easy to understand visuals, thus enabling decision takers to arrive at sound conclusions. Microsoft Power BI suite helps businesses in identifying real-time trends, thus allowing them to grow and prosper. 

7. Qlik Sense

This tool is capable of automatically generating personalized business reports as well as customized dashboards. It helps businesses to explore huge data and gain insights for strategic decision making. The software is ideal for businesses of all scales and segment including that of freelancers. Qlik Sense also lets its users to gather valuable data and understanding and share the same with other individuals. The BI tool also offers information summaries and smart data visualization capabilities. 

8. IBM Cognos Analytics

The IBM Cognos Analytics is a smart business intelligence tool that allows organizations to take quick and effective business decisions. The software helps businesses to build as well as configure their dashboards in addition to reports through a singular system. It is easily scalable and is easily deployed either via the cloud or on an on-premise basis. 

9. Google Analytics

Needless to mention, Google Analytics is a free tool that helps organizations to create data reports and summaries on their dashboards. The tool comes with tracking codes that auto load as well as capture important data from the browsers. In addition to providing insight, the BI tool is helpful in creating effective marketing strategies. 


This unique tool offers business analytics, business intelligence as well as corporate performance management capabilities to mid and enterprise level organizations. The tool captures data/information from different sources, thus generating a full report. It also offers data visualizations, data collation as well as analysis tools that help organizations in their decision making process.


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