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Know how clear understanding of a game can overcome most of the hurdles

Do you know how to overcome hurdles in a game in a smart and effective way? Want to have a clear understanding of the game? Read this to know how having a clear understanding of any game can help you overcome the hurdles. Here we will be concentrating on the rummy dummy game, which is a variation of the traditional rummy game.

Rummy has always been the most exciting and interesting game among players. You can also play the game on the Getmega gaming platform. Practicing rummy constantly will build up the skills and polish them, which in turn will help you in becoming an expert in the game. Knowing all the rules, gameplay, and tactics help to deal with difficult situations in the game. But before that, let’s read a bit about the game Rummy dummy

Rummy dummy

Rummy dummy, popularly known as dummy rummy is a variation of the traditional rummy game. It employs the use of two decks of cards, that is, 108 cards and each player deals with 13 cards. A pair of two or four players can play the game of rummy dummy. Though the game shares some similarities with the traditional game of rummy, both are different to some extent. 

Know how clear understanding of a game is important to overcome hurdles 

Having a clear understanding of the game of rummy dummy, you can easily deal with the different players and play the game effectively. There are situations when you are unable to decide which hand to fold. There are times when you feel you are going to lose and so on. Here, we will tell you about the gameplay and rules to help you have a clear understanding of the game, so that you can overcome hurdles.

Gameplay – The game is played in a clockwise direction and the one sitting left to the dealer starts the game. There are three components in a turn: drawing, melding, and discarding. 

  • Cut-ins – It is optional and occurs only when a player needs a card. Then they ask to cut in and take the card with three more cards from the open deck. The player who has the turn decides whether he/she will allow the player or themselves to take the card.
  • Drawing – The players have two drawing options; one to take the top card of the discard pile. Other is from undealt stock cards, you can take a face-down card from the top. If you have played your meld side, you must take cards from undealt stock cards.
  • Melding – If after drawing the card, you can put down your meld set, then place it. Now, in the following turns, the players add to the meld set, as no more melds outside of existing melds are allowed. 
  • Discarding – The end of each player’s turn is discarding one of the cards into the discard pile. This happens in every player’s turn until any one of the players gets rid of all the cards from hand. Any card which is making a set must not be discarded. 
  • Scoring – As one player goes out he gets no points. Then all will count the value of the remaining cards in their remaining hand. From cards 3 to 9, the score is 5. Cards from 10, J, Q, K have a score of 10. Ace has a score of 15 and 2 and Joker has 50 points. 

The one with all 12 meld sets complete and the lowest score wins. 


Every game has rules, so does rummy dummy. Here are some of the rules of the game-

  • Hands – There are twelve meld sets that every player has to complete to win. 
  • Sets – In a set, every card has equal ranks.
  • Runs – It means cards in sequence for example – 2-3-4-5. It is not for cards to be of the same suit. 
  • Wild card – The 2’s and joker are wild cards and used to represent any desired card.


With the following strategies, you can fool your opponent and win over difficult situations. The list of strategies include –

  • Try to predict your opponent’s moves and then decide your move as per the situation.
  • Push your opponent to discard your card by discarding a useless card. 
  • Pick up useless cards to confuse your opponent and try to have an upper hand.
  • Show them that you are winning and allow him to lose his confidence.


Rummy dummy is a game of strategy and with smart play, you can overcome all the hurdles in the game. You can use cut-ins and wild cards to form sets or melds. This helps you to complete your sets and move a step forward in winning. Getmega is a gaming platform that provides the stage where you can exhibit your skills and strategies to win the game. Getmega provides you with a variety of games to play including rummy.

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