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9 Strategies to win Ludo Online

Ludo is a game that gets its name from the Latin word ludo, which translates to “I play”. It is a strategy board game that can be played by two to four people. The game entails players racing their four tokens from start to finish on the basis of dice rolls. The origins of Ludo can be traced to the Indian game ‘Pachisi’, and as of today, the game is hugely popular online around the world and is known in different countries by various names. 

Ludo is a game that involves both the skill of the player and an element of chance. The aspect of chance in Ludo involves the rolling of the dice. Having been played since time immemorial, the popularity of the game has spread worldwide and has been adopted across cultures. Needless to say that with the advancement of technology and the rise of online gaming, Ludo too has found a prominent place among gamers of all ages and backgrounds. Nowadays, there are numerous platforms where you can play Ludo game online, wherever you may be located.   

Even though how the dice are rolled will have some bearing or influence on how a Ludo game turns out, there is a significant amount of skill and strategic gameplay involved in winning. In this blog, we share with you some of our strategies which are time tested, which you can apply in your Ludo games and increase your chances of winning.

1. Get all your tokens out as early as possible

Ludo is a game that involves strategic movement of your tokens. That being said, it is recommended that you get all of your tokens out as soon as you get the chance to. As soon as you get your first 6 from rolling the dice, start moving your tokens out. If you focus only on one or two tokens, it will not help you make much progress in the game as you will have far fewer options while playing.

2. Keep all your tokens moving

When playing Ludo online, one of the most important tips to keep in mind is to not run only a single token all the time. You need to keep all your tokens on various positions across the board in order to give you the optimum advantage over your opponents.

3. Capture the opponent’s tokens

Even though it is strongly recommended that you get all of your tokens out as early as possible in the game, the objective is not to have them spread across the board. You also need to send the tokens of your opponents back to their play yards (or ‘home’). That being said, capture your opponents’ tokens whenever you get the chance to.

4. Try changing the timings of the throw

In online Ludo games, it is not possible to understand how the specific algorithm of a game works, but what you can do to gain an edge is try to change the timings of throwing the dice. For instance, if you have played swiftly for, let’s say, four to five times, it is recommended that you take some time when it is time to roll the dice again at your next turn, and vice versa.

5. Block your opponents’ tokens

In situations where you are not able to capture the tokens of your opponents, you should try to block them. This is another very useful trick, and by doing so, they will not be able to move past your token or even capture your tokens, provided they have formed a block. In order to know where to form a block, you need to be vigilant and alert, and keep your eye on all the tokens on the board, and must simultaneously make your moves while doing so.

6. Decide on your style of playing

Each player has his or her own unique style of playing the game of Ludo. Some players like winning without capturing any of their opponents’ tokens, while other players like to adopt a more aggressive style of gameplay. You need to decide which style of gameplay you want to adopt before starting a game. For example, if your objective is to win the game, it is recommended that you play it safe. However, if you seek to have a more thrilling experience playing Ludo, capturing other players’ tokens and getting captured as well adds to the thrill.

7. Avoid being a risk taker

In order to maintain your progress and maximise your chances of winning, it is advised that you avoid moving the tokens that are ‘safe’ and are about to reach ‘home’. Ensure that all your tokens are scattered across the board, and make your movements cautiously and judiciously. While selecting tokens to move, go for tokens that are at a lower risk of being cut off, blocked or captured by your opponents.

8. Capture rival tokens wisely

If you have the choice to capture more than one of your opponents’ tokens, it is recommended that you select to capture the ones that have moved farther away from the starting point. If the token you want to capture happens to be the last remaining token of your opponent, you will need to capture it anyway.

9. Minimise the probability of getting captured

In order to reduce the likelihood of your own tokens getting captured and increase the probability of your opponents getting their tokens captured, here are some things you can do. If you are chasing a rival token which you need to capture to win, try to chase it with more than one of your tokens, but keep all of them within 6 spaces apart as far as possible. However, while trying to escape getting captured by your opponents, move your tokens at least one space more than 6 spaces apart.

Now that you are armed with these highly useful tips on playing Ludo online, you will be able to make the best decisions. We also advise you to be calm, confident, and most importantly, have fun while playing. The more you play, the better prepared you will be to make an effective move.

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