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How to write viral content for Newsblare?

Write viral content for Newsblare

In order to generate more pageview or engage more readers you need to write viral content or the articles which have higher searches in search engines. There are various types of articles you can work on, such as

  • Viral News Articles
  • How to Guide
  • Top 10 List
  • Research Report

Types of article you can writer on Newsblare:

  1. Viral News Articles: Nobody has time to sit and read the newspaper like before, this is a new digital world and everyone loves to read news online. Therefore, writing viral news articles can have more winning chances to attract more readers.
  2. How to Guide: Today, ‘How to’ article is more popular on the internet. As businesses are growing online, people are finding more ideas, business guides, product reviews & guides, and tips. Therefore, how to article is highly recommended because these articles not only attract the customers on social media but also rank easily on search engines as well.
  3. Top 10 List: Top 10 listicle articles are the most preferred choice among readers over the internet. These types of articles have low competition and high volume searches which are good to rank in the search engines.
  4. Research article: Research based news, reports or articles are most liked by the industry experts. People often like to mention these reports in their articles. Therefore, research articles have a higher possibility to go viral or rank in search engines.

How to write viral content?

In order to rank higher or make the content viral you need to focus on these parameters: 

Headline: Headline is the most important part of the article. Actually, it will decide whether your article is liked by the readers or not. Readers can estimate 90% about an article in their first appearance with the help of a headline. Headline will let your readers know what your article is about? Therefore, headlines should be more attractive and easy to understand. The better your article’s headline is, the better it has a chance to be clicked by the readers.

Apart from headlines there are several parameters which help your content to be ranked in the search engines such as Headings of the article, bullet points, Introduction & conclusion and key phrase. But the headline is the most important part of the article among other parameters.

Search Engine Optimisation: In order to optimize your article in search engines like Google, take the help of SEO. Read more about how to write an SEO friendly article

Video Content: Everybody knows that people are more likely to watch videos instead of reading text. Reading text may bore your readers unlike watching videos. Therefore, if you make a video article it means it will have a better chance to be liked by the readers.

Social Sharing: Writing a good article is not enough until or unless people don’t read it. Share your article with your friends, colleagues, and social media channels in order to attract more visitors. Today, social media is the best tool to viral any content so take the benefit of this.

Finding the topics for Newsblare:

With the concept of Freelance Journalism, writers are often confused about where to get the latest news but don’t worry we are living in the world of social media where you can get the daily news unlike before. Journalists have to work on the ground. Today, we have many popular social media platforms where we can get the daily news such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Daily millions or billions of content posted on these platforms, therefore, it is quite easy for us to find news. Google trends is another platform that can help you find the most searched content over the internet, so take the help of this tool.

Today, in the digital world, it is not so hard to find good topics. You just have to give some time and do some research. Everything will be in your hand until or unless you are connecting to the internet. Therefore, take advantage of it, work with us and earn some profit and build your career in freelance journalism.

Newsblare is a global business magazine for entrepreneurs. It provides full media coverage based on the latest technology, Innovations and current happenings in the world. Newsblare is specially organized for entrepreneurs or startups to get an update about the business market and economy. It covers the news of Billionaires, Innovations, Startups, Business, Finance, Sports, Lifestyles, Politics and more.

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