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India to be one of the world’s blockchain leaders by 2023

The rising blockchain in India is growing exponentially, and research, development, and implementation of it will be beneficial and economically feasible. With further participation, India can be one of the leaders of blockchain technology in the next five years. For this to happen, India requires the right amount of participation from government and industries to acquire a leadership rank in this technology. The essential and needed involvement in this technology will ensure a better leadership rank for India.

What is blockchain technology?

A blockchain is a ledger technology that is distributed. It stores data and information across many systems with security to support peer to peer transactions globally by generating a trustworthy source in the interlinked network. By letting the digital data and information to be distributed throughout the internet, it created a new type of network for recording economic transactions for people.

Financial institutions and banks are investing in blockchain in India

A rise in investments by banks and other financial institutions on blockchain in India are an indication of cost-effectiveness, efficient operations, and transparency. It reflects that investing in this technology is profitable and beneficial for organizations. It improves the overall performance of these institutions through investments. The increase in the number of investments suggests that this blockchain in India is growing fast and it has a better return on investment.

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Emerging projects on Blockchain development

Executives are managing certain blockchain projects across countries, some projects are in the development mode, research mode and others are being implemented partially or fully. Efforts are being made by executives in India, China, US, and Australia to develop projects on blockchain technology. With sufficiently managed projects, this technology will expand and experience a desirable boost in its development procedure Timesnow tweets:

TimesNow tweets on blockchain in IndiaFactors affecting blockchain adoption success

It is believed that the success of blockchain in India adoption will depend on the ability of the network and increase of trust on the assets being transacted. The better capacity of the network and trust will make the adoption process be smooth for everyone. To make this occur, investments, well-defined rules, an efficient ecosystem, and regulatory approaches are needed to be planned out. A well developed and structured ecosystem for blockchain in India will make sure the process of adoption remains reliable, effective and profitable.

Benefits of a well-designed blockchain

An effectively designed blockchain can reduce costs and expenses, enhance speed and security, support and sustainability, transparency and traceability for a large number of business processes. The use of blockchain technology has made the transactional histories transparent and more secure compared to other record keeping systems. The cost-effectiveness increased speed and other advantages of an efficiently designed blockchain can make it a great choice for businesses and institutions.

Sectors are adapting to this technology

It has been observed that financial services are developing to be a leading sector in the implementation of blockchain in India, followed by other emerging potential sectors such as healthcare, industrial manufacturing, energy and utilizes. Financial services sector adapted to this technology before other sectors adopted it. Soon other sectors will adopt the blockchain upon noticing the benefits of implementing this technology.


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