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Matrimony sites are now searching for tech support to help you find a perfect match

Matrimonial sites – find the perfect match

AI algorithm is more familiar with what you’re searching for than you could be! This helps us to find the best matches for the users-not only by searching for preferences, but also by observing user behavior and suggesting similar matches on matrimonial site.

Artificial Intelligence algorithm helps matrimonial site users to find a match based not only on their interests but also by analyzing and recognizing the actions of the client and recommending suitable profiles in real-time.

“Our super-busy elite customers like to stay up-to-date on the go,” tells Saurabh Goswami, Ultra Rich Match founding director, who introduced the second version of his marriage application on android and iOS previously this year. Goswami adds, “We expect our custom mobile application to further reach out to young people and the NRI markets.”

AI helps marriage providers consider the complexity and a variety of other matching variables. AI and machine learning definitely help to fit better. The variety and the many variables that come into play during matchmaking— from personal interests, schooling, culture, job, friends, lifestyle to horoscopes— makes it interesting for AI to understand behavior, context and more to match for matrimonial site.

Matchmaking, however, also needs accurate information such as birth date, age, occupation, and income that is not something that can be presumed to be. So yeah, while AI can help to shorten the questionnaire, it can’t completely remove it.

A mobile application gives parents and young people the freedom to explore the opportunities at their own leisure. Such a forum also provides users with a sense of control, where young people have the ability to connect and test consistency before going forward and parents have the opportunity to check the prospect’s private and family data (just like in a typical arrange marriage). Also, a mobile app provides a perfect solution to the situation today.


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