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HDFC launches ‘Indian Oil HDFC bank credit card’, 50-liter Petrol-Diesel will be available for free every year

Indian Oil HDFC bank credit card

Petrol and diesel prices in India are skyrocketing day by day. But if you will be given 50-liter petrol-diesel free, what would you say? Yes, it is absolutely right. HDFC has launched a special card in which the customer will be available for free 50 liters of petrol-diesel every year.

Let’s have a look, how?

HDFC launched a new credit card with the Indian Oil Corporation, this special card is named ‘Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card’. Customers will get benefits and special reward points by purchasing oil with this credit card.

How you will get benefits?

Through this credit card, customers can earn special ‘fuel-point’ rewards by purchasing oil from over 27,000 Indian Oil Corporation outlets. Not only this, but customers can also earn reward points for purchasing groceries, paying bills, and shopping. Customers can get the most out of these rewards points, they can redeem these points on up to 50-liters of fuel. This means that you will get 50 liters of petrol-diesel every year for free.

How to apply for ‘Indian oil HDFC bank credit card’? 

If you are also planning to buy ‘Indian oil HDFC bank credit card’ then you can apply on HDFC bank website or you can visit any nearby branch.

Rules for using this credit card?

However, non-metro and town customers can avail for this special card. The annual fee for this credit card is Rs 500. Whereas, purchases of 50,000 or more will not be charged. The card is available on both ‘RuPay’ and ‘Visa’ platforms.

It will increase digital payments in small-town and non-metro cities, said HDFC business and marketing head of the country, Parag Rao. Let us tell you that more than 75 percent of the branches of HDFC are from non-metro cities. The Indian Oil Corporation is also increasing cashless or digital payments.

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