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China will not lift the G-20 summit, Hong Kong issue

Peaching, The issue of recent protests in Hong Kong will not allow China to participate in the meeting of the G-20 countries this week. China Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Jun said that China will not allow Hong Kong to discuss the Hong Kong issue in the G-20 Summit.

Last week, millions of people in Hong Kong had landed against the extradition bill.

In this bill, it was a matter of giving China the right to extradite anyone, extradite him and make a case against him.

After presenting this bill, there was a strong performance in the Autonomous Region of Hong Kong.

To stop the protesters, the police had to burn rubber bullets and tear gas shells. The extradition bill and then action against protesters were condemned worldwide.

Tell us about the meeting of Chinese President Xi Chunking and US President Donald Trump in the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

This will be the key meeting between the two world trade warfare trade warriors.

Asked about the possibility of discussing Hong Kong between Trump and Shi, Zhang said, “What can I tell you, but it is certain that Hong Kong will not be discussed.”

We will not allow discussing Hong Kong issue in the G-20 Summit. ‘

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