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There are signs of improvement in the economy, these four stocks are expected to high profit growth in 2020

The rate of economic growth has been slowing down over the years. But in the corporate tax cuts by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, it is believed that the Indian economy has been on track for the past one week.

Some of the big players in the Indian e-commerce market such as Flipkart, Amazon, brick-and-mortar consumer durables and FMCG brands enthused customers with the impressive sales recorded in this festive session. Experts believe that the world of FMCG brands and consumer durables has grown tremendously.

We believe that the world economy will soon take effect and the equity market will not be far from it either. The market has been growing rapidly following the announcement of corporate tax cuts by the Finance Ministry. Retail investors are eager to invest in the Indian market.

We are confident that you will see rapid growth in the equity market after Diwali, October 2019.

However, due to the lack of current market knowledge, it is difficult for retail investors to choose the best stocks to invest in. Therefore, we recommend that you choose mutual funds for investment instead of investing directly in stocks, unless you have good market knowledge or without expert advice.

Well… this Diwali our research team has found four mutual funds for you to invest where you will have maximum opportunities for better returns.

  1. Nippon Prudential Mid Cap Fund-Growth.
  2. HDFC Small Cap Fund-Growth
  3. SBI Magnum Multi-Cap Fund Growth
  4. Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund Growth.

We believe that if the government continues its development agenda and arranges some BPCL shares, then the foreign investment should come to India. We have to remember that in most developed economies, interest rates are zero or negative and hence India remains an attractive economy for them.

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