Top 10 Bestselling authors of 2019/20 – ICFAI Business School Professor at Top of the List

Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha is the #1 bestselling case author for the fifth consecutive year out of more than 8,000 case authors worldwide.

ICFAI, IBS bestselling authors 2019/20
ICFAI, IBS bestselling authors 2019/20. Image Source: IBS India Blog.

The UK-based, The Case Centre, the independent home of the case method, today revealed the Top 40 Bestselling authors for 2019/20. Professor Debapratim Purkayastha of the AACSB-accredited ICFAI Business School Hyderabad maintained his position at the top of the list for the fifth year in a row!

ICFAI - Professor Debapratim PurkayasthaOf Purkayastha’s success, Richard McCracken, The Case Centre’s Director, said: “The list recognizes the best and most impactful case authors from business schools around the world. To feature in the list is a considerable achievement. Consider, then, the achievement of Professor Debapratim Purkayastha who tops the list for the fifth consecutive year. Professor Purkayastha deserves huge congratulations for his continuing success and continuing enthusiasm for adopting innovative approaches to case writing.”

The other bestselling authors are from internationally reputed B-schools like Harvard Business School, IMD, INSEAD, etc. The list of top best-selling case authors is based on total sales (cases bought by B-schools around the world) from the cases for each author in the academic year 2019-2020. The Case Centre started making this list public in 2016.

Dr D Satish ICFAIAdditionally, Dr. D. Satish, Professor of Finance from ICFAI Business School, was placed in the 31st position in the list.  Dr. Purkayastha, who is the Director of the world-class IBS Case Research Center. said, “It’s an honor to be on this list and also see Dr. D Satish from ICFAI breaking into the list! My confidence in the case method of teaching has been reinforced in these unusual and challenging times, and at IBS, we are entrenching it deeper into our curriculum. More institutions are likely to adopt active learning strategies to make their online classes more engaging – and what better way than to spice up a session with a real-world case!”

Notably, IBS with more than 6,500 cases, is counted among the world’s top case publishing schools, with its cases being used in over 800 business schools in over 90 countries each year.

Top 10 Bestselling authors – 2019/20

Rank Name B-School
1 DebapratimPurkayastha ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad
2 Robert Simons Harvard Business School
3 Vivek Gupta TechSci Research
4 Christopher Bartlett Harvard Business School
5 David B Yoffie Harvard Business School
6 and 7


W Chan Kim INSEAD, France 
Renée Mauborgne INSEAD, France 
8 Pierre Chandon INSEAD, France
9 Kamran Kashani IMD Business School, Switzerland
10 Wolfgang Ulaga INSEAD, France

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