Why is it more important to motivate and appreciate your employees now?

If appreciation is absent, an individual is less likely to feel connected or motivated to invest themselves in that relationship. Hence it is very crucial that motivate and appreciate employees more now.

motivate and appreciate employees
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While the importance of feeling appreciated varies by individual, it is essential to fostering a positive relationship — be it the workplace. Amidst the trying times nowhere employees all over the world are trying hard to motivate and appreciate employees more now.

The reason is that when someone feels appreciated and valued, it affirms the commitment they have made to a relationship or group and incentivizes them to continue contributing and excelling. On the other side, if appreciation is absent, an individual is less likely to feel connected or motivated to invest themselves in that relationship. Hence it is very crucial that motivate and appreciate employees more now.

As an employer or manager, hopefully, one should recognize the need to acknowledge and thank your employees for their work. In celebration of Employee Appreciation Day, let’s discuss the importance of recognizing and thanking employees for their contributions, how it can benefit your company culture, performance, and growth, and offer some ideas on how you can show appreciation to your staff each and every day of the year! While an unofficial holiday, this observance offers employers an opportunity to pause and recognize their incredible staff through acknowledgment and appreciation of their work.

When expressing appreciation to your team members, your company may decide to go all-in and create a robust program that maintains throughout the year or keep it simple. From lunches and happy hours to kind notes or gift cards, there are several ways employers can recognize employees for their daily contributions.

Regardless of the commitment, your company is willing and able to make, employee appreciation can go a long way. The cost does not have to be substantial. In fact, many ways to show appreciation and recognition are free — they only cost time and effort to implement.

A company culture of kindness and appreciation can bring substantial benefits to your team and organization, and here is why. At an individual level, when employees feel valued and recognized for their contributions it impacts their connectivity to the organization, team, and the work they do. It increases individual happiness and morale. Hence it is crucial to motivate and appreciate employees more now.

Motivation and appreciation also encourage appreciation across the organization. Setting this example with your staff will, in turn, impact the larger company culture and how they recognize and show appreciation for each other. As these spread across the management level, it will trickle down into peer-to-peer interactions and create a culture of appreciation throughout the organization and teams.

It ultimately leads to a positive work environment. Appreciation and recognition will lead to a more positive environment and dialogue. A company rooted in thankfulness and appreciation breeds pure and simple happiness

Not only this, but it also increases employee engagement. Recognition programs have proven to increase employee engagement, establishing better connectivity or rapport between the employee and the organization. The additional communications and activities create new, positive, and unique touchpoints beyond the normal day-to-day interactions.

It is very vital to motivate and appreciate employees as it creates company and brand advocates.

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