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Now the MeToo movement has ‘sanskaari’ Alok Nath as one of its culture

Alok Nath expression after Vinita Nanda accused Of Rape. Image Source: Amar Ujala.

Yes, now it’s Alok Nath! The ever- idealistic man in Indian movie and tv industry is now facing the fire of the MeToo movement. The incident has been reported by Vinita Nanda, who was the writer of the famous Tara television series. The writer took to Twitter to inform the public that almost 20 years back when the tv series was telecasted, Alok Nath harassed the female lead of the series, Navneet Nishan. She also went ahead to say that she was his next target. Nanda did not directly take the name of the actor but informed she has witnessed such incidents on the sets of Tara 20 years back. This was enough for people to join the dots and identify who she was talking about. 

Vinita nanda accused of rape alok nath
Alok Nath accused of rape: ‘I Hadn’t Just Been Raped, I Had Been Brutalised’ Says Vinita Nanda. Source: Twitter

After her tweet was published, Alok Nath virtually joined the list of accused in the MeToo movement. In her, another statement to the press Vinita informed that she has no problem standing for a true cause and that she is completely empathetic with Ms. Nishan. Ms. Nishan had slapped Alok Nath for his improper behavior and informed that she had to face a lot of bullying for her protest. Alok Nath was then fired from the show and Alok Nath took to press and media to insult the writer. She informed that she had to fight her own battle and that this movement will surely help the female actors have a respectable life in the industry.

Vinita Nanda was supported by Richa and Swara Bhaskar. Richa was also the first person to support Tanushree Dutta when she had accused Nana Patekar of improper behaviour on the sets. Swara Bhaskar has described the Alok Nath incident as heart wrenching. Mallika Dua, the celebrity comedian also came up in Nanda’s support. She informed that it must have been extremely hard for Nanda to stand up for herself in the 90s when there was no such support available. Mallika also shared Nanda’s post on her timeline. Mini Mathur also expressed her grief over the incident and said that it is extremely heart breaking that Vinita had to wait for 19 years to come up and speak.

alok nath accused tweet
Sushant singh tweet on alok nath allegation

Nanda informed that she had been physically assaulted and brutalised in her own home after the rape. She concluded her post by stating that the saddest part of the incident is the person in question is considered to be the most cultured person in the film and television industry. After this post, the public has been ablaze with Alok Nath. There are numerous tweets which demand his prosecution and arrest. One of the tweet reads, if the most cultured person of the industry comes out like this, God knows what all other actors have done with their colleagues for the past hundred years of Hindi cinema. Another tweet reads, Bollywood is almost like a jungle filled with predators; there are no legal rules or policies to control them. Rajat Kapoor, Kailash Kher, Vikas Bahl and Nana Patekar are the other names which have come up in the MeToo movement.

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