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TikTok star faces problems After app Ban – Geet

After the ban of 59 Chinese apps by India, Tik Tok users are facing the biggest challenges. India was the leading hotspot of Tik Tok users, so after banning it, Indian users are now facing major problems as many users are working full-time jobs on Tik Tok.

And, there is no doubt in saying that Tik Tok made many a star. They got the name and fame from this app itself. Tik Tok played a major role in making many people from zero to heroes.

A Tik Tok star ‘Geet’ who became famous only with this app, was now stopped when India banned Tik Tok along with 58 other Chinese apps due to the country’s internal security.

Geet is a former lawyer who teaches ‘American English’ to his fans and gives advice over 10 million followers of his three channels.

She uploaded 15 videos from her accounts last year, each video being 20 seconds long. She shoots 120 videos per day to ensure that the video is appropriate. For the rest of the week, she was busy editing and scripting her videos. After all, it was a full-time job for her.

she said, “I was shocked when I heard this news, I mean it’s my life now”.

Her followers are really disappointed. One asked “who will teach me English now” while the other asked, “who will inspire me”.

Geet, Never dreamt of life on Tik Tok. She was born in India, studied engineering, and worked in a law firm with her parents before moving to Delhi to do social work. “She worked with slum children and high-risk youth before opening her account on Tik Tok in February last year”. “Tik Tok is an extension of what I used. With a single video I will try to reach and help many more people”, she said.

A viral video on this channel shows Geet telling her followers what assorted footwear in her home is called in English: flip flops, loafers, slippers, flats, high heels.

It got a little more difficult on Monday evening. Geet went live on her channels to placate her anxious followers.

“Don’t worry. Don’t lose courage. Let’s wait. We think the issue will be resolved and we will meet again. Don’t lose hope and don’t do anything drastic.”

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