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3 things you should know about Bulletproof Armored Clothing

Bulletproof Armored Clothing

In most dangerous situations, staying covert and not announcing your capability is essential. Before, we needed to wear additional bulletproof vests under our clothes. Now, with bulletproof armored clothing, our clothes can be the vest.

These pieces are very comfortable and look exactly like regular clothing. Also, they are warmer than most clothes we wear regularly.

There are several benefits when it comes to bulletproof armored clothing:

  1. They are completely covert
  2. Protection ranges up to NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIa
  3. Each piece is very comfortable
  4. They cover a larger area
  5. Lighter than wearing a vest underneath

There are also some benefits that don’t fall strictly under defensive or protective capabilities of body armor. In some cases, like with the armored T-shirt, you will gain some visual features that will make you look more intimidating, which will add to your confidence as well as to your security.

How does Bulletproof Armor Clothing Work?

The idea behind this type of armor is quite simple. Instead of wearing a vest underneath your regular clothes, the layers of bulletproof fibers will be integrated into the shirt, hoodie, or jacket itself. This removes the need to add layers to your wardrobe and can protect you without anyone ever noticing.

In some cases, like with the Covert Armored T-Shirt from UARM, you can wear just the shirt and nothing else. For anyone to notice that it is armored clothing, they would need to be very close. For everybody else, you will just seem like a person with a really buff chest.

Considering the Weight

Thanks to advances in modern technology and manufacturing, soft armor has become even lighter and thinner. Even for NIJ Level IIIa that can stop calibers like the .357 SIG Full Metal Jacket or the .44cal Magnum you can expect the armor itself to be only 6mm or less than ¼ of an inch.

There is no type of armored clothing that you can’t wear comfortably for a whole day, or even sleep in for that matter. The Armored Puffer Jacket from UARM weighs about as much as a parka. But, because the mass is much closer to you, you will have an even easier time carrying an armored jacket than you would regular clothing of similar weight.

Finally, considering that armored outerwear is quite warm and wind-proof you might end up with less weight on your shoulders in the end than you would with some regular options. Also, they are quite stylish.

Good to Wear Every Day

This is probably the biggest benefit of armored clothing. Unlike concealed body vests where you might choose not to wear the vest one day, with jackets that wouldn’t happen. It would be the same to exit your home protected and unprotected, so why don’t you opt for the former.

You never know when disaster will strike and you don’t want to be unprotected at that point. Luckily, your everyday attire can now stop a bullet.

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