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Is it Safe to Eat Outside? Here’s what you need know…

Eating out is safe?

Over the last few months, people have started coming back to their normal lives. People look to resume outdoor activities, there is growing concern over the risks they face of novel Covid19 infection. Most of the outdoor activities carry the same level of risk hence there is an urgency that the people are judicious in what they do once they venture out of their homes. This is crucial to keep the epidemic in check as lockdown restrictions are progressively relaxed. Eating out!!! here are some restrictions are followed.

It is advised that the following precautions adhere while a person is eating out!!!

  • Avoid eating out- One should avoid eating out if they can. In fact, with a lot of online deliveries, one can order food at home.
  • Due to air conditioning, the risk of viral transmission in closed environments is high.
  • Wear a mask- It is particularly important that one wears mask when he or she goes out to eat.
  • Own sanitiser- One should carry their own sanitisers and avoid using restaurant washrooms.
  • Well cooked meals- It is mandatory that one orders items that are fully cooked. Order items that are well cooked.
  • Maintain social distancing- One should not gather for dinners in large groups.

It is obvious that people might share a restaurant table are typically very close to each other—perhaps only inches away. And it’s unlikely that one would have a face covering on, because you need to be able to eat. Talking can spread the virus (by releasing infectious respiratory droplets). The virus could spread even if you’re sitting together for extended periods of time, this also increases the risk. Hence it is advised to restrict to Eating out!!!

  • Enter restaurants that have temperature checks – care should be taken that the restaurants should also have plenty of soap, hand sanitizer (containing at least 60% alcohol and placed on every table), paper towels, tissue, disinfectant wipes and no-touch/foot trash cans. Disposable options—like paper menus—are also a good idea to reduce the spread of the virus. It is recommended that people should opt for restaurants that maintain temperature checks of their staff.

Be safe & Enjoy Eating out!!!

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