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Zomato announced newborn child-care paid leave for its male Employees

Under the development of digital industries, online service increasing from urban to a rural region. And, therefore online food delivery has also been increased. Zomato is the big name in online food delivery app.

With the expansion of digital power, the online service has expanded rapidly from big to small cities. With this way, the online food delivery has also expanded rapidly.

Working in the same profession, a big name Zomato announced newborn child-care paid leave for its male Employees. Said that Zomato was giving paid leave to its female employees till now but the first time this private company going to give paid leave for 26 days to its male employees as well.

Let’s tell you that only the Female Employees have been getting the help of parental leave. This is the first time that a large company has sent great help to its mail workers.

Company’s Owner Deepender Goyal has written in a blog, that the company has taken steps to ensure flexibility and empowerment of employees families.

They have also written on his blog that they will provide help of $1000 or 69,417 INR to its employees for their newborn child so that they could make a grand welcome for their child.

Let’s tell you that Zomato currently doing business over 13 countries, more than a lakh employees have already been joined it. From this big step of Zomato, We hope other companies will also concern on this. Because the father and mother both serve a child responsibility equally.

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