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A Love Story from Coronavirus – ridden Wuhan will move your heart

This story of a doting husband Tong Hai caring for his beloved wife Li Ting is like a silver lining among the dark clouds that envelop Wuhan, the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus.

Li, an emergency room nurse in a Wuhan hospital, was infected with the coronavirus after tending to the patients. Her husband, Tong, is a cameraman working with video production company Ergeng Video.

After Li tested positive Tong thought it would be a good idea to film their journey as a couple battling the virus, hoping the videos will lift his wife’s spirits as well as those infected with the coronavirus. What started as one video ended up as their story documented in a series of YouTube videos titled “Our Coronavirus Diary,” which has been making its rounds on social media.

The videos capture Tong and Li’s daily life as they are quarantined at home. 

Li is isolated in a room while Tong lovingly does the household chores, disinfecting her room and cooking her nourishing meals to boost her energy levels. Tong makes sure he wears a protective suit so he doesn’t catch the virus. Though there is a high risk of contagion, Tong goes the extra mile to make his wife happy during the Lunar New Year celebrations and is her pillar of strength, comforting her during an emotional breakdown.

In the video, we see they have a young son who has been sent far away to keep him safe from the virus. They keep in touch with their son via video calls and the little fellow can be heard saying, “I miss you.”

There are 14 episodes of Tong and Li’s coronavirus diary and we have selected the most defining one. You can go to YouTube and watch the episodes. Watched by thousands of viewers from all over the globe, fans of Tong and Li’s story have been sending words of encouragement and well wishes as they overcome the deadly virus that has infected more than 80,000 people in China.

Apart from the selfless love for his wife, it seems the driving force behind Tong’s dedication, caring and concern could be a deep faith in traditional values of being upright and kind under all situations, no matter how trying the challenges are.

The traditional Chinese culture has many such stories that depict selfless love for one’s family and noble living. Although the officially atheist Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has caused huge damage to the traditional moral fabric of China by propagating a culture of struggle and hate, there are still people of conscience who resist the moral decline.

One such group is the persecuted spiritual discipline of Falun Dafa, a meditation system based on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. The practice teaches that the well-being of others comes before self, and sacrifice and giving is a spontaneous act and a part of one’s being and way of life. Falun Dafa was freely practiced by 70 million Chinese before July 1999, but, unfortunately, then the CCP put an unlawful ban on the peaceful practice and initiated a persecution campaign, which continues to date. 

Fortunately, there is a positive conclusion to Li and Tong’s life story. Here is a video of Li fully recovered from the infection and on her way home.

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