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National Football League: Drew Brees suffers throwing hand injury against Rams

Drew Brees suffers throwing hand injury against Rams

The New Orleans Saints took revenge against Ram during their rematch when they went to Los Angles, but they all know the future of their team without Drew Brees. Teddy Bridgewater has to come to the under center after a quarterback with an arm injury.

Drew Brees lost his opening quarter after Rams hit the arm with a defensive tackle.

Brees lost his starting quarter after a hit on the hand from Rams defensive tackle.

Due to his major hand injury, Brees was quickly replaced by Bridgewater. This is a major confirmation for his team at the time as it is one of the biggest matches in the NFL (National Football League).

This was a major injury to the Brees, resulting in Drew Brees being spotted on the sideline. Because Drew Brees was unable to catch or hold or throw a football. He could understand the situation.

You can see in the picture below that the trainers were working between the thumb and index finger of the trees in that area. Testing may be required to look at problems in that area. And, it can be a big challenge that he has to suffer for a long time.

trainers was working in that area between Brees's thumbs and index finger.

Drew Brees was not immediately dismissed from saints. Since it was still suspicious. A similar situation occurred with Ben Roethlisberger, where the Steelers retained the quarterback throughout the game. He was released despite a suspect.

Through this game, Brees was seen with a split/brace on his arm, it was likely that he had a major injury to his hand.

With this injury on his throwing hand and the exact point on the football thrower. It can be more painful if the football throws or catches. And, until Drew Brees catches the football properly, he will not be allowed to enter the match. This could certainly linger.

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