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Not Wearing the Correct Motorcycle Safety Gear Could Be One of The Last Decisions You Make

If you already ride a motorcycle, then you should already be well aware of the risks that come with not wearing the correct safety gear, if you don’t already ride a motorcycle, but you love the idea of riding/owning one, then it is highly likely that you will acquire one in the not-too-distant future. Either way, most people either know somebody that’s been in a motorcycle accident, seen one, or have been in an accident themselves. The best thing that one rider can do for another, is to try and pass on their experience and knowledge around the subject, hoping that it’s taken on board;

Practically comfortable with the logic

Surprisingly enough, you stand a much better chance of winning the lottery jackpot than you do of never having some kind of accident, whether that’s you, hitting something/somebody, or being hit by something/somebody whilst riding on the roads. It probably explains why, in the UK, there are certain laws and regulations which mean that you must, at the very least, be wearing a motorcycle helmet whilst riding your bike, which incidentally, there is no excuse not to be.

At one time, perhaps it was deemed not cool to wear a helmet, however, these days they come in some really awesome designs for both men and women so, if you’re a lady, worried about looking too ‘butch’ you needn’t worry, check out the ladies motorcycle clothing range of this dealer in Peterborough for some examples. 

Failure to adhere to the rules could land you with no licence, some jail time, dead or, being severely crippled for life which could be even worse. Despite anybody’s thoughts surrounding ‘the establishments’ care of the people, this is certainly an area in which somebody got something right.

Practicality doesn’t come in a much better form either and, from a logical perspective, you must feel comfortable in what you wear or, you could be feeling rather uncomfortable anytime soon. That doesn’t mean that your choice should be based upon the way that you look when you wear your safety gear, more so that it fits correctly, and that it serves its purpose, without impeding your movement, or vision.

Nothing quite like it

When you experience your first motorcycle ride, either as a rider, or a passenger you will understand the very unique feeling of freedom that one receives whilst out and about, more so, if you are the driver, passengers can still experience a similar feeling, but it won’t be quite the same. Either way, there is nothing quite like the physical and mental rewards that you receive by taking part in the activity of riding a motorcycle, it’s so unique in fact, that it’s very hard to explain to somebody who has never even been on a motorcycle before so, they might not understand the appeal fully, until they’ve had a go. 

There are some things in life whereby words are not enough or, there aren’t enough words to be able to describe the feelings a person gets whilst doing them, especially if you like a bit of risk. Your experience will be even more unique and harder to explain to somebody unless the listener/reader is of a similar mindset.  When it comes to outlandish, or thrilling things to do, this is right up there with the best of them which, probably partly explains why it’s so hard to explain and, the process of, being lost for words. 

What is more important than a helmet?

Wearing a helmet is clearly the most important piece of safety equipment that you could buy, having said that, the majority of accidents that do happen tend to leave people with a higher number of injuries below the waist than any other area of the body. Therefore, sufficient safety trousers, or leggings are really important in addition to a pair of high-quality boots or equally well-designed footwear, a safety jacket is advisable too, because elbows and arms can be a first point of contact should your balance become a problem. 

Although they aren’t a necessity, a decent pair of gloves are going to make your life much more comfortable too, especially if you are the person actually operating the bike, apart from that, making sure that your brakes and indicators are in good order can be just as important as finding a helmet that fits your head properly.

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