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Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Blogs and Websites in 2021

Fashion, beauty, and business are among the most popular niches in Indian Lifestyle Bloggers. Bloggers, lifestyle followers, and fashionistas all strive to launch their own personal style blog/website. Some Indian lifestyle bloggers are original and continue with their blogs, while others do not.

Yet, there are a few blogs that are one-of-a-kind and have sharp business acumen that make them stand out from the crowd. In spite of the fact that this field is dominated by female bloggers, many men are also coming out. Lifestyle blogging can only be achieved through two methods: reading and implementing. One must be an avid blog reader in order to stay abreast of other new bloggers and recent trends for creating a successful blog.

Choosing the top ten best Indian Lifestyle blogs was not easy, but we did our best by taking into account Google reputation and Google search rankings, influence and popularity on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and quality and consistency of posts.

Top Indian lifestyle blogs and websites to follow in 2021:

1. Verve Magazine

In addition to being India’s premier luxury lifestyle magazine that writes about food, nutrition, lifestyle, style, culture, and fashion, Verve Magazine is also one of the best lifestyle blogs.

Verve Magazine


Launched in 2004 by lifestyle blogger Naina Redhu who is an international photographer working on the themes of LNaina Redhu, an international photographer who specializes in Lifestyle and Luxury, founded the website in 2004. Known for featuring luxury brands, both international and domestic, its posts on their craft are read by a wide audience and it posts about three times per week. – Online Brand Building, Photography and Art by Naina Redhu

3. Stylish By Nature

This Bangalore-based blogger dealing with Fashion & Luxury Lifestyle trends of India writes about Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger based in Bangalore who writes about Fashion & Luxury Lifestyle trends of India believes styling is like breathing to her. Among the topics covered are fashion, health, food for thought, fitness, and flavors of life. The website was founded in 2011 and publishes four articles each month.

4. Akanksha Redhu

In May 2009, blogger Akanksha started the blog as a vehicle for expressing her ideas, inspiration, and desires to the world. Currently, there are four updates per month on average, slowly evolving into a more lifestyle-focused blog. is a lifestyle website.

Akanksha Redhu - A Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

5. Urban Diaries

Founded by Tanya Dhar in 2016, the Urban Diaries blog is anyone’s goes to blog for lifestyle & luxury and also has content on celebrity interviews and a lot more. It is updated every week with a new post and has of website Tanya Dhar founded the Urban Diaries blog in 2016 with content on lifestyle & luxury as well as celebrity interviews. A new post is published every week, and its website is

6. Gia Says That

Founded by Gia Kashyap from Mumbai, Maharashtra in January 2015, this is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. On the website, the blog focused on topics like fashion, lifestyle, beauty, styling and had a frequency of about one post update per week.


7. Lofty Spectrums

Bangalore-based Indian Lifestyle Blogs represent the personality of a writer which every girl can relate to, as well as the importance of being yourself and loving yourself without fear of judgement. Besides fashion, cosmetics also discussed upcoming events, and the right places to eat in Bangalore. The posts appear on and updated about twice a month.

Lofty Spectrums

8. ChicLifeByte

New Delhi based blogger focuses on fashion, lifestyle, makeup, and beauty regime, food for thought. This blogger started her blog in March 2015, and she writes about daily news on fashion, the latest trends, lifestyle, and food. They define CHIC as the latest styles and trends; LIFE is about making sure you never lose the latest looks and trends. BYTE stands for the latest, exciting, innovative news and blog posts that posted about three times a month for the audience. is the website.


9. Style Inked

Manvi Gandotra founded this blog to make fashion more accessible to women. The purpose of this blog is to make fashion more accessible to women. Her family owns a boutique run by her mother, so she has many years of experience in the field. Her blog should also provide readers with useful information right away.

10. Urban Eye

Established Riaan J. George, a widely published luxury writer with expertise in all things related to luxury, travel, food, and style. Additionally, he gained a unique perspective on the world through his experience as Culture Editor at L’Officiel India. His blog includes posts about boutiques, designer collections, and his personality. Exclusive interviews with chefs, must-have accessories of the season, etc.

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