Pranav Das: A Small Town Guy Reshaping The Indian Travel Blogging Scene

Pranav, besides being a Travel Blogger has an overwhelming love for nature. He has a strong belief not just in sustainable travel, but also in environmental protection and wildlife conservation.

Pranav Das Indian Travel Blogger
Pranav Das in Nusa Penida. Source:

Traveling the world can be one of the most fulfilling ventures anyone can decide to embark on. Some individuals may not mind making huge sacrifices to see this dream come to reality. While others have succeeded in turning it into a lifestyle and a business opportunity.  Pranav Das is one of these daring and bold personalities.

Pranav Das is a popular Indian Travel Blogger with about 10,000 followers on Instagram through his handle, VoyageNomad. He also has a fast-growing fan base on Twitter and Facebook.  His blog site Voyage Nomad is another platform where he displays the magic that makes the world as beautiful as it is. Anyone who follows him through these platforms would have an experience of the world as it is through the eyes of Pranav Das. His awesome experience as a Travel blogger is aimed at being an inspiration for anyone who has the desire to leave it all behind and soar on the wings of the wind wherever it blows. 

Beyond being an inspiration, he also wants to show those who would never have the time, courage, or opportunity to follow this path, the very many spectacular structures and treasures the world has to offer. Through the expression of his skills in photography, Pranav Das can capture the diverse and amazing features of different countries on various continents. Anyone who gets to follow the footmarks Pranav leaves in the sands of time would have a rare deep appreciation for the existence of mankind that cut across multi-cultural heritage. 

This 30-year-old Indian Travel Blogger is a graduate of Computer Science Engineering. In 2015, he put aside his job and a blossoming career at MNC to follow his passion. It is quite rare to see a person make this level of commitment towards the actualization of a dream. Another commendable factor of such a decision is the selection of a life that many would term as uncertain over one that would have more guaranteed outcomes. If this is not the definition of passion, then what is?

Passion itself is like a burning flame; felt and seen by everyone. Pranav Das did not just leave a budding career at Kolkata to pursue his dream as a Travel Blogger, he also let go of his pursuit of a Master’s degree in Business Administration. All these compromises were made for the fulfillment of traveling the world: starting with the exploration of the Asian continent and capturing the amazing natural and architectural landscapes, not just for his satisfaction but for everyone else to have at least a taste of the experience.

Pranav runs a Digital Marketing & Branding Agency as well, even while on the move. For anyone else, it may seem like a herculean task but he seems to be managing both ends perfectly well. This would serve as further inspiration to everyone who is torn between the decision of living life as a Travel blogger and the actualization of other dreams. Pranav shows it can be done. There is room for productivity in other areas they find necessary, especially if they have developed multi-tasking skills.

Pranav Das is from Cuttack, Odisha in India. He is still single and is not encumbered yet with the responsibility of taking a family along as he travels. It is most unlikely that he would be willing to forego his life as Digital Nomad Travel Blogger which he began since 2015, and for which he has made several sacrifices for any reason. However, we have to wait until then. As of now that this is being written, Pranav still travels and still has plans of exploring the world and all the glories it possesses. 

Pranav, besides being a Travel Blogger has an overwhelming love for nature. He has a strong belief not just in sustainable travel, but also in environmental protection and wildlife conservation. Individuals who hold on to beliefs such as these do not just verbally express them, but also contribute to them through other means. Pranav is willing to invest in this cause, and recently he ran a campaign across social media to raise donations for victims of the Australian bushfire which lately plagued the continent. He went further also to contribute a week’s income to this cause as a way of setting an example. Pranav Das can be described as a role model in many ways.

For aspiring travel bloggers, the life of Pranav Das should serve as an inspiration and motivation that the dream can be brought to life. For many, traveling may be seen as a luxurious lifestyle that only the rich and famous can afford. However, Pranav as a budget Travel Blogger has proven that it does not require wealth to follow this path in life, as much as it takes passion, dedication, and sacrifice. He has shown that despite being a small-town boy in India and dropping out of his MBA pursuit, he can make impressive progress in his life and chosen quest.

Pranav Das is currently living his best life. He has been mentioned and featured on various news websites and magazines. This has been done in recognition and appreciation of what he does, the sacrifices he has made to get to where he is, and the huge influence he has on others who aspire to follow in the same path. It is also to encourage others who get bored or have no fulfillment in living life just like everyone else. It is for those who have a craving to break out of the norm and pursue a more exciting and adventurous life. It is for those who are keen on seeing the world in all its splendor and mystery. 

Pranav is proof that nothing is impossible, and if they simply dare to believe, they can walk down this path also. It may require a level of compromise, but there is hardly any feat in life that is accomplished without some form of sacrifice.  At 30, he has had a 5-year experience as a travel blogger. The future seems even brighter!

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