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The Most Beautiful Ways to Explore Authentic Arabia in Kuwait

The Arabic world is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world. People across the globe are beginning to discover the warmth of their hospitality, the delicious flavors of their cuisine, and their fascinating cultural history. Dubai and Qatar are fashioning out their chunk of the tourism market with enormous skyscrapers and flashy malls. Still, Kuwait seems to be going about things in a slightly different fashion. Despite its richness in oil and the money that would therefore create for building a huge tourist infrastructure, Kuwait is instead choosing to revel in its heritage and allow tourists a real taste of the Arabia world. 

If you’re looking at your 2022 travel options and fancy an Arabia cultural vacation spot in Kuwait then this could be the one for you. We’ve created this itinerary as a jumping-off point, but once you set foot in this magical place you’ll have no shortage of inspiration.

Check Out Local Laws 

Before we begin, it’s worth remembering, particularly for those from Western countries that laws vary from country to country. In the Arab world, for example, it’s almost impossible to find a land-based casino, as their laws prohibit this. So, if you’re a big fan of casino gaming then it’s worth looking online first. Owing to the different laws about the online space it is possible to find online casinos in Kuwait, especially with the help of Arabian Betting, a site entirely set up to help people find safe and legal ways of playing online. They include all kinds of information about the variety of games available, as well as any bonuses that you can make use of, so it’s worth checking out if you want to play safely and securely. 

Of course, casino gaming isn’t the only area where the law differs, you won’t find alcohol available in the city either, so if you’re after a wine-tasting tour then this might not be the right destination. However, if you’re up for swapping wine for tea then you’ll be in safe hands. Similarly, pork aficionados might have to develop a love for chicken or lamb, as pork is strictly off the menu in this Islamic country. These changes will only make a small difference to most travelers, but it’s still important to try to stick to the right side of the law during your stay. It is important to remember the law of the Arabia world before visiting Kuwait as it will be extremely helpful. Now, with the boring but important part out of the way, it’s time to start the tour.

Start With a Boom, at Al Boom

Kicking off any vacation with a dining experience to remember is a brilliant idea and there aren’t many culinary experiences quite like what you’ll receive at Al Boom. This unique dining spot is set inside the Mohammedi II Dhow, which is a stunning boat for those who don’t know. Made of fine teak, copper, and iron, this show is a perfect replica of one of the largest of its kind ever made. For marine enthusiasts, this is as exciting a venue as it gets, but for culinary enthusiasts, it’s pretty great too. The menu always includes plenty of local seafood, with a whole Omani lobster being one of their star dishes. Those looking for a slightly less expensive option should try the delicious Kuwaiti Zubeidi fish, grilled to perfection and served with a huge fresh salad. If you’re keen to try the seafood then Thursday night is the one to avoid as it’s for serious steak fans only. 

Familiarise Yourself With The Friday Market

The streets of the Friday Market or the Souq Al Juma as it’s known locally are exceptionally busy but well worth braving the crowds for. This area is an enormous open-air market that is home to vendors of all kinds. You’ll be able to do some excellent souvenir shopping at the many antique stands, each brimming with fascinating objects. Not only this but there are also plenty of stands selling more modern clothing and jewelry which will be a big hit with any fashionistas. Make sure you take the time to enjoy a cup of tea at one of the tea houses lining the streets, there are many different flavors to try and if you find a new favorite then you’ll likely be able to buy some loose-leaf tea at one of the nearby stalls. Remember to bring cash with you as many of the stalls don’t accept credit cards.

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