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List of the top 10 immigrant countries in the world: India at the top

top 10 immigrant countries in the world

United State: The population of Indian immigrants is the highest in the list of the top 10 immigrant countries in the world for reasons of jobs or occupation. According to the latest report of the united nation, 1.75 crores Indians have settled abroad in various countries. In 2019, India topped the list of comprehensive immigrants according to the United nation report.

The UN report ‘The International Immigrant Stock 2019’ states that the number of immigrants worldwide is around 27.2 million. This list contains information about age, gender and various countries of the world. The total immigrant population is 3.5% of the world population, compared to 2.8% in 2000. According to a United States report, half of the world’s immigrants live in 10 countries.

India has one lakh fewer immigrants this year

India accommodated 51 lakh international immigrants in 2019, however, it is less than 52 lakh in 2015. Europe and North America top the list of international immigrants’ accommodation. According to a report 2019, there are a total of 8.2 crores immigrants in Europe and 5.9 crores in North America. Compared to 2010, the number of immigrants reached 5.1 crores in 2019.

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List of the top 10 immigrant countries in the world.

India – 1.75 Crore

Mexico – 1.18 Crore

China – 1.07 Crore

Russia – 1.05 Crore

Ceira – 82 lakh

Bangladesh – 78 lakh

Pakistan – 63 lakh

Ukraine – 59 lakh

Philippians – 54 lakh

Afganistan – 51 lakh


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