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Muharram – A Lesson of not bowing down before an Oppressor

Muharram - a story of Karbala

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. From the first day of this month till the 10th day of Muharram, the sorrowful event of Karbala was taken place nearly 60-70 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Karbala is the name of a place situated on the Bank of the Euphrates. The story of Karbala is going on like this – Yazeed called himself Ameer (King) of the Islamic world was challenged by Hazrat Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad when Yazeed tried to take his support with forcibly for his kingdom.

He (Yazeed) considered that the position of Ameer would become strong after being recognized by Hazrat Hussain. But Hazrat Hussain refused to accept him as an Ameer because he did not qualify the post of Ameer. He was appointed as an Ameer by his father himself Ameer Muaviya breaking the tradition of the selection of Ameer by a group of scholarly persons. In addition to it, Yazeed was a bad man. He was indulged in all kinds of evils.

How could Hazrat Hussain accept Yazeed evils low character as an Ameer of the Islamic world?

Hazrat Hussain declared war against the Kingdom of Yazeed. He set on towards Iraq from where Yazeed was ruling on the territory which came under his rule. When a small army of 72 persons made by Hazrat Hussain reached on the Bank of Euphrates, they were stopped there by the strong army of Yazeed. Hazrat Hussain with his companions set up their canes there and kept their feet there. The Battle started with the combat of single persons. This type of battle went on in the 9th day of Muharram in which all companions of Hazrat Hussain killed. It is to be mention here that ladies and children here also included in the companions of Hazrat Hussain.

During the battle time when companions of Hazrat Hussain felt thirst and they wanted to keep water from the river of Euphrates, they were stopped to do it by the army of Yazeed. Thus Hazrat Hussain and his companions were not allowed to take the water of Euphrates to quilt their thirst during the whole battle period. Even children were denied and one child was killed when his father went to Euphrates river taking the child in his lap for water. Such a highhandedness was exhibited by the army of Yazeed with the companions of Hazrat Hussain and with himself.

On the 10th day of Muharram, Hazrat Hussain rode on his horse and forwarded alone towards the army of Yazeed as all his men companions had been killed by Yazeed forces.

On the other hand, the army of Yazeed invaded Hazrat Hussain and a fierce battle started. Hazrat Hussain killed a number of soldiers of the army of Yazeed but lonely Hazrat Hussain could not face the attacks of enemy soldiers and he was killed mercilessly in the field of battle. His horse took his body to his canes where only ladies were left alive. It is said that no inch of his body was left injuries. It means that Hazrat Hussain was killed in such a cruel way that no one killed like him.

This is the story of Karbala in brief which reminds us of the sacrifice of Hazrat Hussain and gives us a lesson not to bowing down before an Oppressor. Hazrat Hussain knew from the very beginning that the result of the battle with the army of Yazeed would come into the form of the annihilation of his small army but he did not afraid of this result and for the sake of stopping oppression of an Oppressor, he did not turn back.

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