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When will we get relief from Coronavirus? Check this report…

The coronavirus epidemic is the biggest problem facing the world today. It is spread almost all over the world. The number of cases increasing on a daily basis – At present, there are 32,56,846 confirmed cases worldwide and the total number of deaths is 23,3,388. If we talk about India, there are 35,043 confirmed cases in India, out of which 1,147 are those who have died.

The first case of coronavirus was detected in December in Wuhan, China. As of May 1, there are a total of 3.25 million cases reported in 187 countries and territories. But the most surprising fact is that there is no cure for this virus. Every country is trying to develop medicine but still, there is no positive news.

In this dreadful situation, everyone has the same question in mind, when will we get relief from coronavirus? When will coronavirus end?

On this, we have received a recent report from the Singapore University of Technology and Design – it has been studied that 97% of the coronavirus effect is expected to be finished by 25 May. The report is based on artificial intelligence, including confirmed cases from 85 countries and studies of corona patients recovering.

According to this report, 97% of the coronavirus effect in India is likely to end by 25 May and will end by 99% by 4 June, and it will take up to 1 August to be completely eliminated.

And, if we talk about the world, it will take 27 May to expire by 97%, and by the end of 16 June, it will be 99% finished and until 27 November to completely end. Will apply.

And, in the US, which is the most affected country in the world, it may take May 15 to expire by 97% and 99% by May 27 to finish and by September 5 it will be completely finished.

However, it is not necessary that it will expire by the following dates as it is just a study, not an actual report as the report is based on a recent previous phase and study of coronaviruses. But this can change which will depend on time and situation as no one can predict the future.

The report is based on data on the life cycle of artificial intelligence and coronaviruses. It can be wrong or right, it will decide the time. However, the more we follow the lockdown, the faster we will end it.

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