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Who will get the Coronovirus vaccine first and when can you have it?

Coronavirus vaccine

There is no coronavirus drug so far we are only dependent on the vaccine. Because the only Coronavirus vaccine can protect against this deadly virus. Human trials are still going on. But now there is no time for humans to stop this virus.

A vaccine Pfizer is on the way which can protect humans from getting coronavirus. It can be helpful for nine out of ten people as per the research. The vaccine is ready for further approval for emergency purposes.

Developers of Pfizer and Biotech, it had already been tested on 43,500 people and no security concerns have been raised. The vaccine is actually effective for humans.

By the way, the vaccine aims to build immunity of humans, and these are capable of having strong immunity. Humans with high immunity can fight coronaviruses.

There is a new type of vaccine named RNA vaccine. This vaccine is used for small bits of the virus’s genetic code. It starts forming part of the virus in the human body in order to train the immune system.

The coronavirus vaccine has given in two doses, in 3 different phase trials. Reports state that it can protect more than 90% of people from developing the virus better in the body.

However, in the past, there is no such vaccine that can be used for humans as there is no RNA vaccine in the past. The vaccine has been well researched before testing on humans.
People gave humans tests for other diseases.

The vaccine is considered by regulatory authorities around the world who can decide whether it can be approved for use or not.

How does RNA vaccine work?

The RNA vaccine will inject into the patient’s body. After entering RNA into human body cells and directing them to produce coronavirus spike proteins in the body.

Later the vaccine starts producing antibodies and activates the T-cell to destroy the injected cells.

If the patient meets the coronavirus then antibodies and T-cells are activated to fight the coronavirus.

Who can get the vaccine first?

To get a vaccine first it depends on your age because age is the biggest factor for coronavirus. Older people and health care workers top the list in the United States.

People below the age of 50 come at the bottom of the list. Hope everything goes smoothly before Christmas. Because there are a variety of issues that we need to overcome such that we need to overcome the storage of the vaccine at minus 80 degrees Celsius.

Would the vaccine work in a long run?

Well, yet we cannot say whether the coronavirus vaccine will provide you protection in the long run or not, it will be declared after some time. If your immunity does not last long, we may need to take the vaccine every year, like other flu vaccines.

The vaccine may not protect coronavirus equally in every age group according to data.
Because young and old people cannot produce the same immunity.

There is nothing that we can guarantee 100% for something. There is also some part of the risk in everything.

The data is estimating that 43,500 people are successfully tested and no safety concerns have been raised, with only mild side effects.

What still needs to be done?

Well, now there is no such requirement for any lockdown. Because if everyone needs to be vaccinated so that it can stop the spread of the virus, only then we can control it.

There are still various challenges such as manufacturing enough vaccine to vaccinate people. We need to keep going like this – trials, social disturbances, partial lockouts, and wearing masks will continue.

What could happen if the virus changes its state?

The virus varies over time, but what would happen in case the coronavirus changes its state?

Still, there is nothing like this, but it is possible that this may change in the future. Then the vaccine will be less effective. Every year a new flu vaccine is developed to meet the needs. RNA VaCCine is easy to adjust to its technology.

The vaccine has been designed and developed by Pfizer and biotech and their own intellectual property. They have the manufacturing capacity to produce 1.3 billion doses by the end of the year. But they need to increase more capacity.

More information about  Coronavirus vaccine

There is no final statement about the vaccine. We are still clueless about how the vaccine is protective for different age groups. It is important to know how it will be used.

It is great news that the vaccine is finally made. But we do not know how many days it will take to arrive. There are other vaccines that are still working on the spike protein that they hope will work.

There are several vaccines that are in the final stages of clinical development. It is not yet proven which coronavirus vaccine is highly effective. RNA vaccines can be a good outcome for humans. Which can protect many humans in the first attempt.

The hope is that the vaccine acts as a weapon against the coronavirus. But the virus is not yet gone we need to be more careful as it continues to spread in humans.

We can only conserve such as avoid the crowded area, maintain social distance,
wearing a mask in public. All this prevention can prevent humans from getting coronavirus.

We are hoping that the coronavirus vaccine can show positive results to all. Hope everything goes well as before with weakened immunity may not be able to get coronavirus.

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