Free Mental Health Services Launched in COVID-19

Maharashtra is the worst affected state with increasing counts every passing day, it’s natural to feel scared. So, It is important to be positive or mentally prepared in this time of horror.

Free mental health services online
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2020 started with a pandemic and has played its role in the physical and mental health of people across the country. As we face the nationwide lockdown, it has led to disbalance in the ‘ideal picture of our life’ that we had painted. As a result, people are feeling helpless, hopeless, anxious, and stressed out. Mental health facilities are still quite inadequate in the number of services being offered as well as the inadequate number of trained and supervised professionals.

When we think about the pandemic, various uncomfortable thoughts do come up and they eventually result in negative feelings. When conducted a general survey, ‘loss of control’ and ‘helplessness’ were the most reported feelings by the affected people.  

Recognizing the need of the hour, Mind Voyage, a mental health organization based in Dadar (W), Mumbai has launched free on-call consultation for psychological vulnerabilities people might be facing during COVID-19 pandemic. She is a Certified Counseling Psychologist who aims at increasing awareness about mental health and making the services accessible to the people in need. The consultation will be offered in three languages – Hindi, English, and Marathi.

In her statement, Ms. Rasika said, “Even though we might feel the sense of loneliness during the lockdown, it is one of the biggest universal experiences we are going through. No one has a prior experience or a manual to sail through this crisis time. Everyone around us is going through the uncertainty, and you are allowed to feel so. I want to be welcoming of all sorts of emotional ups and downs and lend a listening ear to people in need, and hence I’m starting this initiative.”

With so much information available at hand, just a click away, it leaves us feeling overwhelmed and overloaded. Always being stuck in four walls of our home and with the same people, might trigger some unwanted negative emotions. In such times, it’s okay to seek professional help. MindVoyage offers initial screening of the concerns and guides you through the therapy process.

To quote Ms. Rasika regarding the pandemic situation, she stated, “Maharashtra is the worst affected state with increasing counts every passing day, it’s natural to feel scared. But at the same time, trusting our capacities, knowing that this phase is not permanent, and trying to have a positive outlook is what will surely help us.”

When you reach out to Mind Voyage, you can expect:

  • Trained and Certified Professional Counsellor in the Psychology background
  • Immediate response: You will be contacted within 12-24 hours via mail, WhatsApp message, or a call.
  • Complete Confidentiality: It is a safe space for you to talk about your vulnerabilities.
  • Patient listening and Non-judgemental attitude
  • Consistent and further long-term support via therapy (if required)

To schedule a consultation with MindVoyage, you can call/WhatsApp on 9972449749 or visit the website

*Conditions apply

*Visit website for rules and regulations of free consultation.

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