BJP May face a problem if AAP and Congress join hands in Delhi

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With elections knocking the door, it’s time to take a closer look at the current scenarios that will help understand the possible outcomes. The possibilities of AAP and Congress joining hands may become a reason for BJP to cringe their eyebrows. Standing three months away from the elections, the politicians are revising their strategies, ensuring to leave a prominent mark on the ballot box. Now, that the political parties are suffering from ambiguity surrounding the most powerful event held every 5 years, speculations are not ready to leave its path.

Currently, the equation of AAP o Aam Aadmi Party collaborating with Congress may become a reason to interest the people who are keeping a close watch on the Lok Sabha elections. 

In 2014, Narendra Modi succeeded in taking over his crave from Gujarat to the entire nation hoisting the winning flag of the NDA or National Democratic Alliance. It dominated over all the seats in Lok Sabha apart from the ones in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. 

5 years back, the arithmetic was exhibiting a different picture but in 2019, it may encounter some adverse outcomes if the much-hushed proposal of the amalgamation of AAP and Congress materializes. 

As per the data collected from the latest elections held in Telangana, the assessments that were based on the votes polled by the constituents of the grand alliance, Praja Kutami, notified a tough competition between K Chandrashekar Rao and other leaders. However, the results clearly depicted that K Chandrashekar Rao crushed his opponents to establish his position at the top. 

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In order to understand the probable outcome of the Congress-AAP tie-up, the three key political players in Delhi were observed minutely over the period of 5 years. In the constituent of Chandni Chowk, BJP received 44.6% votes in the 2014 General Elections. This helped the political team achieve a dominant position in the market with around 13.88% margin over Ashutosh, the candidate from AAP. However, the combined votes of Congress and AAP results in 48.67%, which is more than BJP. Another incident was also considered, in which the combined vote of AAP and Congress was recorded 50.62% against 45.25% votes of BJP in North-East Delhi. In East Delhi, the team received 48.9% votes while BJP ended up with 47.83% votes. The similar picture was depicted in New Delhi as well, with 48.83% for the team and 46.75% for BJP. In North-West Delhi and South Delhi, the picture was 50.18% against 46.45% for the BJP while 47.03% against 45.17% for BJP, respectively. 

If the leaders of BJP considered the results of West Delhi, they can release a sigh of relief as BJP dominated with 48.32% of votes against the combination of AAP and Congress, which was 42.74%. In this region, the political team was led by Pravesh Sahib Singh Verma.

In municipal elections held in 2017, the picture was similar to that of the aforementioned study as the combination of AAP and Congress received 37.32% votes while BJP won 36.08% votes. However, the final decision can be seen before the elections.


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