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Innocent farmer in the clutches of 25 lakhs KBC fraud Racket

KBC cyber attack fraud

It is nearly everyday that we get to know about one or the other cyber fraud case happening in the country. But with the extent with which these rackets are growing bigger day by day is a concern for all of us and we need to take proper actions towards it.

It has been 46 days since when one of such racket has been extracting money from one of the innocent farmers in Ahmednagar. The fraudsters contacted the farmer, the victim in this case via WhatsApp and sent him a video clipping thereby telling him that he has won a KBC lottery of 25 lakhs rupees and since that day of May 17, 2021 they had been regularly contacting him on WhatsApp voice calls and video calls and asking him to pay money in lieu of various taxes that will ultimately make him get the lottery of 25 lakh rupees.

The fraudsters had made a fool proof plan and were all prepared to extract as much money as possible from this innocent farmer. They made fake identity cards of themselves as KBC employees as well as made fake Aadhar cards in order to portray themselves as authentic people. They even gave the victim 2-3 phone numbers of the people who have already won this lottery prior to him. The victim could not differentiate then that these were also involved in the racket along with the two people who had been contacting him. Satisfied with the claim of these people the victim got more and more involved in the process and paid a total of around 2 lakhs 34 thousand rupees in the last 46 days in the name of various taxes on the lottery.

A police complaint of the same has been filed by the victim’s lawyer Adv. Sattyajeet Karale Patil. He states that “This matter is very serious and everyone should be on a watch against such rising cyber crimes in the country. No one should fall for such lucrative offers to earn quick money. Though the fraudsters have very skilled technology and network we believe that the cyber crime department will look into this matter as soon as possible.”

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