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America warns Indian not to buy Huawei products

America ben Huawei, not to buy Huawei Products warns to India.

America has already opened the war with Iran. There is already running a trade war America-China. Now America wants to conflict India, the reason behind this is America’s trade-business or Donald Trump.

Let me tell you that for Huawei, the Indian market is very important because India purchases all the hardware and telecom equipment such router, Jammer, Dongle, and other telecommunication products from Huawei. In this situation, if India stops purchasing from Huawei it will make a huge impact on Huawei market. It is assuming that Huawei might be in lose of around 2 lacks crore Rupees if India breaks the relationship with Huawei.

But why India will have to do it, yes India need to do this because Google and Android both are American companies and both these companies have already broken relationship with Huawei. And if India has to run its telecommunication industry then it is needed to maintain a relationship with Android and Google.

Huawei is the world largest tech company. If we talking about smartphones then Huawei is the second largest company after Samsung. And another side if talks about telecommunication then Huawei is the world’s largest company. Huawei has made $93 billion dollar business last year which is similar to Microsoft.

Other countries making claims on Huawei that it steals the information and use their technology in making its own products. How much this is true? Let me tell you the reason behind this, Huawei is the company of Ren-Zhengfei, He was the engineer in the Chinese Army or PLA. That’s why other countries making claim on Huawei that this company steals the information and use for its own (Chinese)country.

Now the question is, How will Huawei run its business without America’s help? Let take a look one of its latest phone P30 pro, in which, they have used a conic glass which is from USA and Micron chip which is also from the USA, Idaho. 3G LT component is also from the USA and the biggest thing is an android based interface which is also a US company. That means they have to replace its operating system from any other OS interface and it required time. But let me tell you that Huawei doesn’t have that much because it has only 3 to 6 months of time and if it isn’t so then Huawei has to bear a major loss.


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