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California shattered badly by numerous major crisis Dry lighting, Wildfire, Covid19

California is one of the states which has experienced the worst ever year. Amidst the pandemic fight, the State has seen a lot of disaster due to dry lightning, wildfire and of course Covid 19. In a recent wildfire in California, there has been a lot of devastation. In this scenario when the entire world is racing against pandemic, this nation has suffered the most due to wildfire. So many people have been left homeless due to the wildfire that broke.

It has been estimated that a lot of area, about more than 1.1 million acres of the State of California has got burnt. The fast-deadly lightning has stuck a lot many fires in California across and taken a toll on the lives of the millions. So many as much as 1200 people in the State had to stay at a shelter out of their homes only for this. To add ice to the cake is the fact that most of the people were unable to open the windows as the air quality is poor, and it makes the people difficult to breathe.

The state has experienced hundreds of wildfires and it has been seen that due to high rolling thunderstorm certain areas have seen a greater impact. The entire state has been engulfed in intense winds and smoke. The air quality is so poor that it can choke anyone to death. The fire has destructed about more than 1400 tower structures and killed almost 8 people. When the entire universe is battling against pandemic and millions of people are dying, fortune has struck California in its deadly way.

This all has happened as the tropical moisture from south and the high-pressure ridge from the east have collided and resulted in tremendous lightning and rain. The main cause of this lightning and rain was the fact that two colliding weather systems which had created a havoc.

Not only did thunder and lightning stuck California, the State was destined to be in a bad shape. It experienced extremely elevated temperatures between 102 degrees and 110 Fahrenheit. Some places like Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernandino Valley, San Gabriel Valley have experienced extremely hot temperatures.

The air has become very contaminated and can suffocate to death. This sort of an atmosphere makes it very unsafe for people with asthma and people are more likely to have asthma problems.

Although weather conditions have slightly seen to be improving in the recent days, yet the chances of California to get back to the normal life as usual might be a far cry.

Californians are not only the one to have suffered during this pandemic. The West Bengal state in India also devastated by Amphan Cyclone.

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