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Is Indo-Sino war inevitable?

Indo-China border 1962

After a clash between Indian & Chinese armies in Galwan Valley on 14-15 June 2020, the possibility of a full-fledged war between the two neighbouring countries has been gradually increasing as tension in Galwan Valley yet remains. In spite of dialogues being held between high-level army officers of the two countries. No doubt tension flared it’s in Galwan Valley because of the inclusion of a large number of Chinese Soldiers. China took this step after protesting the construction of roads by India in its area in Galwan Valley. This road is very crucial for India for Military purposes as our Military troops and equipment have been deploying on such as altitude area from there our troops can easily keep eyes on the activities of Chinese troops. If this road had been constructed till the targetted point, Indian will be able to repull all inclusion of Chinese troops in the Eastern-Ladakh area which makes China baffled. It is the reason that China has been raising objection on the construction of this road claiming it that the whole Galwan Valley area comes under its boundaries. On the other hand, India has rejected this claim of China and has deployed Indian troops and Military equipment there heavily. In fact, the whole Galwan Valley area came under ‘No mans land’ till recently which has been occupied by the Chinese troops. Although scaling down of tension in Galwan Valley area between the two troops of both neighbouring countries is regularly made but no positive results are coming out.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed his concern in a house of commons by replying to a question on the tension build up in Galwan Valley. He said that the situation in Ladakh was serious and concerning. We have been observing the situation closely and had been appealing to both countries for solving this issue through dialogues. In the same way, American Democratic Senator Brad Sherman accused China of creating tension in Galwan Valley. He said that the buildup of tension in Galwan Valley was the result of a well-planned conspiracy hatched by China. As far as our government is concerned, it has been also saying that China is trying to change the ground situation in Galwan Valley which will be answered in the same language. However, both neighbouring countries are engaged for a full-fledged war with each other along with dialogues with different levels.

Now the bone of contention between the two neighbouring countries is Galwan Valley area, there are 3 points in this area where Chinese troops are said to have occupied the Indian areas & have made their position strong. Since China has claimed over Galwan Valley area as its territory, so it is not returning back from this area. It is reported that finger 4 to finger 8 areas are under is control from where it can keep eyes on the movement of Indian armies and can take action against them when it needs. In other words, the position of the Chinese army in Galwan Valley area is favorable for China. In this situation, China will never end its occupation from here. If India wants to evacuate the occupation of China from here, it had to use Military use for it. Meanwhile, our Foreign Ministry has expressed its concern over the Galwan Valley area. It has also said that the situation is very serious there. In the meantime, the Indian army chief Manoj Mukund Narvane visited Ladakh and knew about the situation of Line of Actual Control (LAC). Encouraging the Indian soldiers where he told them that the Chinese troops must be replied with bullets on being provoked by them.

In our country protest rallies against China are being held and made in China products are being burned. Appeals of boycotting of Chinese products are being made. It is said that for teaching China lessons, its back should be broken by boycotting its products in India. It should be remembered here that more than 3 thousand items made in China are being imported which cost near about 5 lac crore dollar. If the tension between India and China turns into a full-fledged war, the trade between India and China will come to an end resulting in China will have to suffer a very-very big loss. Keeping this hovering big loss in eyes, China must avoid engaging in any conflict with India. But the escalation of the high level of tension in Galwan Valley area because of the Chinese stand shows that China does not give any importance to the hovering economic loss in trade with India. This situation indicates that China is adamant about not heeding attention for scaling down tension in Galwan Valley area. It means that China has an evil design about India as Chinese defense analysts are trying to convey this message that if any war between Indian and China will be in the position to defeat India as badly as in 1962 battle. It seems that Chinese people and government are overconfident about their Military power, so they underestimate Indian Military capabilities of repulling any attack of an enemy like China with decisive success. Now Indian forces are well-prepared in Eastern-Ladakh and are able to bring to Chinese forces knees in any future war.

In fact, China is in grip of fear about the infrastructure development in Eastern-Ladakh made by India. This infrastructure development is making India able to keep eyes on every activity of Chinese forces here and will be ready every time to save its border in the wake of any misadventure committed by China. It is sure that in absence of development of this infrastructure, Indian forces cannot be able to know the presence of Chinese forces in Galwan Valley area resulting in China would have been occupied this area very easily without any hindrance. Today India has made itself strong enough to defend its territories situated along with the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China in all sectors. India wants to live in peace and let others too to live in peace. But if an attack on our sovereignty and integrity is made. He always replies to any such attack with our full strength and made our enemy lick the dust. It should be remembered that war in 1962 with China had to fight in an adverse situation while India was not prepared for any war because India had gained freedom only 14 years ago and had focused on development in every field. China had started creating problems on the Indo-China border because of being given Dalai Lama shelter by India. The sequence of incidents tells that Dalai Lama had to flee from Tibet for saving his life. First, he came to Nepal and after that he reached India. China was angry with India for being given Dalai Lama Shelter in India. In this situation, China began to seek a pretext for attacking India while an argument called ‘Panchsheel Pact’ had been signed between India and China in 1954 in which India had accepted Tibet as a part of China. Besides both countries had agreed on to respect the sovereignty and integrity of their territories, not to attack each other, not interfere in the internal matter of each other, to follow the policy of equality and mutual interest and to follow the policy of co-existence with peace. In the background of ‘Panchsheel Pact’, ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai’ slogan was coined. But China, trampling the ‘Panchsheel Pact’ attacked on India on 20 October 2020 deceitfully on the pretext of a border dispute. India had retaliated China without any preparation which had proved fatal for India as China had captured ‘Aksai Chin’ and some parts of ‘Arunachal Pradesh’. Later China ended its occupation from Arunachal Pradesh but it remains its occupation on ‘Aksai Chin’. Now the situation has changed totally because India has emerged a big Military power in the area that can challenge China at any time. Not only this India will foil every aggression from China and will remind it unambiguously that India is not of 1962 as far as it regards its Military power.

World has not experienced Military might of China because it has not fought any important war after 1962 war with India. In such a situation Chinese Military power remains unexhibited, So World does not know about Chinese war tactic, strategies, and bravery of its army personals while the world has seen Military power of India more than one time as after 1962 war with China, India had to fight 3 wars with Pakistan in which Indian forces exhibited unparalleled bravery and strategies compelling Pakistan to go down on knees.

The tension on the Indo-China border in Eastern-Ladakh has now become explosive which has increased the chance of war to be erupted between the two neighbouring countries. Although war is never a solution to any problem it becomes inevitable for the nation on which it is imposed.

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