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US’s Ambassador to Afghanistan visits India, after Trump Modi Tele Meeting

Immediately after the telephonic discussion with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, the US President sent Zalmay Khalilzad, a special Afghan envoy to India. Both the leaders had a discussion on the positive efforts that must be encouraged in Afghanistan, which is war-torn right now. Along with the serious concern of Afghanistan, both the leaders also discussed the controversial and much talked about the issue of the trade deficit of the US with India. They also had a discussion regarding other matters, which are of high importance.

According to the State Department, Zalmay Khalilzad will head the inter-agency delegation to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and China between 8th January and 21st January. However, the specific dates of his visit to different countries are yet to be announced. He will meet with the senior officials of these nations to move forward with the political settlement of intra-Afghan and establish peace in the country.

This is Zalmay Khalilzad’s, who was recruited as the Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation last year, first-ever trip to India after appointed in the aforesaid position. In fact, he had visited the nearby regions multiple times but India.

Last week, both the leaders hit the headlines as Modi had funded a library in Afghanistan while Donald Trump took a dive at him by adding that unless the security of a war-torn nation is taken care of, no library will help the country achieve back a peaceful ambiance. 

He mentioned that the US supports the requirement of the Afghan people along with international community to draw a conclusion to the 40-year long conflict to ensure Afghanistan never has to pay the price of being the platform for terrorism in the global level. 

Zalmay Khalilzad has planned to meet with the officials from the Afghan government along with the other parties that are interested to put an end to the battle and establish peace in the country. This meeting will also confirm that the Afghan people are empowered to pave a path to the future of the nation. 

He further mentioned that the goal of the American government is to promote the dialogue amidst the Afghans regarding the procedure to end the disagreement and conclude a negotiation that will end all the conflicts while bestowing the people with the equal rights and responsibilities as per the rule. 

He had further mentioned that if the parties sit together in a round table not only the conflicts will end but will also earn the people mutual acceptance and respect. 

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