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ICFAI conducts interactive webinar session on " From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly: A Natural(s)Story"

Naturals beauty Salon story
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“Learn more to earn more is the mantra for all the budding entrepreneurs” quoted Mr C K Kumaravel, Founder, Naturals Beauty Salon. He along with his better half Mrs. K Veena shared their life experiences with the journey of the Naturals through the topic “From Caterpillar to a Butterfly: A Natural(s) Story” at the 20th WiseViews Interactive Webinar Series conducted on September 03, 2021 by ICFAI for the benefit of students and working professionals.

Mr. Kumaravel started his talk by explaining the hardships he went through to build a 700+ Naturals Beauty Salon joint across the country. He stated that his father sowed the first seed of what an entrepreneur can does to think differently to convert a problem into an opportunity. His experience of a leaking shampoo bottle in a travel bag playing spoilsport, converted to an opportunity- India’s first sachet shampoo brand Velvette- which empowered rural consumers through affordability and convenience.

Mr Kumaravel also mentioned how his mother Smt. R C Hemalatha took over the responsibility of the entire family after the demise of his father. With that inspiration Mr C K Kumaravel decided to start the business of salon though he is a novice to this field. He said that “It takes as much time and energy to lead an ordinary life and an extraordinary life. It boils down to individual how he decides to lead his life and no one is responsible for it. One individual can make all the difference, if he realizes his hidden potential”.

Mr. Kumaravel further said the ability to think differently and creating opportunities is the basic tenets of the entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs have the potential to create jobs and Mr. Kumaravel terms them as the Young India. The young India can collaborate with the power India (consisting of politicians and bureaucrats) to serve the poor India, he added. Mr. Kumaravel also advised the young entrepreneurs to look out for opportunities to learn new things, unlearn what is useless and re-learn whenever needed.

Mrs. K Veena explained that while she takes care of the training and innovation of new products, Mr. Kumaravel looks after the marketing and expansion of the business. Mr C K Kumaravel believes that the women should be financially independent and it is the responsibility of the males to encourage them to realize their dreams. Mr. Kumaravel said that his aim is to nurture at least 1000 Women Entrepreneurs and to create 50,000 jobs by the end of December 2025 to make all homes housewife free through empowerment and self belief.

Answering to a query in the Q & A session, Mr. Kumaravel stated that “The salon industry has moved from a taboo to a lifestyle business. Naturals has instilled a sense of pride in their professionals. Our prime objective is to inculcate the sense of responsibility and taken parental approach in all the members of the Naturals franchises and it is the main reason for their success. Money gives you a choice, it is neither the journey nor the destination.”

Commenting about the business in small towns Mr C K Kumaravel said “Aspiration levels are high while costs are low, competition is low, spending capability is high, hence potential for growth is high in small towns. Don’t underestimate small cities and towns.” Mr. Kumaravel used many phrases and anecdotes throughout his talk to keep the audience engaged.

The webinar was moderated by Prof. R Prasad, Director – Academic Wing, ICFAI Group and Prof. Sudhakar Rao, Director – Branding, ICFAI Group.

About 250 participants including entrepreneurs, Research Scholars, prospective students from various parts of the country registered for this event which was also steamed live on the facebook.

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