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How can writers make money at Newsblare?

At Newsblare we allow our freelancers to get paid based on their performance. The better you write; the better you can earn. The more people you can engage on your article; the more you can earn, there is no limit to earning. The better your article performs the better you can earn. That’s why we recommend our writers to write highly engaging viral content because the more readers will read the articles; the more writers make money at Newsblare.

However, we divide our freelance professionals into three different work positions and payout is vary depending on their professions; What you choose; How you work with us. Here are three ways writers can make money at Newsblare:

  1. Contributor Writer: A contributor writer can earn $5 on each 1000 pageviews and it can go up to a maximum $150 depending on the maximum pageviews your article can hit for the next 30 days after it published.
  2. Editor: An editor on Newsblare can earn ($0.3 + 10% commission of pageviews) on every article they edit.
  3. Investigated Journalist/Author: An investigated freelance journalist can earn ($1 + $5/1000 pageviews) for every report they prepare and publish on Newsblare.

Strict Note: Do not use any software or paid advertisement to attract the visitors or generate pageviews; if we find any freelancer doing such activities will move to the termination.

Payout: The payment will be done twice in a month after you reach a threshold limit of $50. The payment dates are 14th and 28th of the each month.

Interested? Click here to apply for the positions mentioned above.

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Newsblare is a global business magazine for entrepreneurs. It provides full media coverage based on the latest technology, Innovations and current happenings in the world. Newsblare is specially organized for entrepreneurs or startups to get an update about the business market and economy. It covers the news of Billionaires, Innovations, Startups, Business, Finance, Sports, Lifestyles, Politics and more.

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