Top 30 ideas for developing small business for women in 2020

The most exciting business ideas fit on the back of an airplane napkin. These 30 small business ideas for women are the biggest prospects of a business venture in 2020 which is definitely a promising sign.

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Entrepreneurship has really found favor with women in recent times and they have been at par with their male counterparts as far as business is concerned which is one of the few top entrepreneurs in the world. 2020 is going to be the worst year since the last decades due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but as God says “every crisis, which is deeply unstable, has seeds of opportunity.” So instead of crying over problems, focus on solutions. Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Turn this epidemic into opportunities”. And, women are not lacking behind in any expects, they can also do many things while working from home. Therefore, here are some small business ideas for all working women, who can now earn a large amount of money working from home, even in times of COVID-19 epidemic.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best small business ideas for all working women. You just create a website that generated a lot of traffic and redirects it to online retail store sites. Anyone who makes a purchase from the retail sites after navigating your website first entitles you to a percentage of the total income. This has really caught up with a lot of people.

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2. Weaving basket 

This line of business necessitates that you have a very creative mind and a flair for implementing it in designing and creating pieces of art. Planning is going to be crucial here. In fact, all the qualities required here are something that women have better than men.

3. Fashion Designing

If you love the styling, then this one is for you. Depending on your aptitude, you can design clothes for women, teens, kids, and even men. You can even have your own boutique or sell your designed clothes through online portals.

4. Blogging

This is one of the modern ways of entrepreneurship. You could blog about anything under the sky whether it be fashion or food or even technology. All you need is a laptop or a computer and you are good to go.

5. Bookkeeping

There are quite a few companies that cannot afford permanent accountants for their business. You could work as a freelancer keeping a tag of their taxes, payrolls etcetera. The profits are pretty good considering the effort you will be putting.

6. Candle making

The use of scented candles and other decorative ones is in vogue these days. Make use of this newfound obsession and invest in candle making business now. The best part about it that the investment is going to be minimal as well.

7. Candy making

This appeals to kids and children more. You can experiment with a variety of tastes and flavors depending on the liking of children. Homemade candies also don’t need too much investment and are pretty easy and convenient to make.

8. Cardmaking

Continuing on the previous trends, this is also an easy and convenient method of earning appealing to the common masses. If you have a creative flair, don’t think twice and divulge into it completely.

9. Consultant

If you are a specialist in something which may be either educational and vocational, you can give appropriate services to the ones who need assistance and make a name for yourself in the process. You may not need to step out of your house as well.

10. Content writing

There are multiple websites looking for appropriate content for their pages. You could take up assignments and write for these websites for lucrative deals. The demand for this is considerably huge and it is an easy method to earn.

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11. Copyrighting

This is similar to the content writing job. Writing the script or copy for the advertising purpose of any business or for any other reason whatsoever is equally important and you can definitely try it out.

12. Gift basket making

Gift baskets are equally important along with the gifts these days. Making beautiful and decorative gift baskets that not only looks presentable but has enough space in them will definitely have a lot of takers.

13. Babysitting

As more parents have to head to office as soon as their baby is born, babysitting or daycare for kids is a requirement for them. You could start a babysitting business and will be overwhelmed by the number of kids who will enroll.

14. Glass etching 

This again requires a lot of creativity and if you have it then you can rest assured that your business will boom in no time. Glass etching not only looks beautiful, but it is also a common decorative item these days 

15. Writing E-books

The digital form of books is very popular these days and if you are an avid writer then maybe you can ditch the traditional form and concentrate on E-books. It will definitely sell like hotcakes.

16. Party planner

People have become lazier by the day and they want someone to plan a grand party for them. You could take up the responsibility of organizing it and making good money as well.

17. Data entry

Every business venture needs entries to be done which may be for the number of units sold, the amount invested, revenue generated etcetera. All you have to do is sit in front of a computer and do the entries. It is a fairly simple job.

18. Graphic design

If you have an expertise in graphic designing and can contribute considerably to it you can work in advertising or editing agencies. Sound technical knowledge is of paramount importance here.

19. Interior Design

Getting your house decorated by an interior designer is a must, especially for aesthetic reasons. If you have the knack for it, you could definitely give it a try and earn big bucks in a short period of time.

20. Market Research

For every company that is being set up, they want to test the waters and gauge their competitors well along with the requirements of the customers. Market research is a potent business opportunity which you could think of.

21. Mobile tattooing and piercings

The present generation loves to get these kinds of beautifications done. If you feel you have a good hand for tattooing and body piercings and wish to travel and work in metropolitan areas, this is a good business venture for you.

22. Online selling of photos

If you are really passionate about photography and want to make a living out of it, you could frame your shots and sell them. There are quite a few enthusiasts out there who will be interested in buying them.

23. Online retail

If you feel that there is a particular product that you can make and sell, this is a good idea. You can enlist yourself in popular applications like Flipkart, Amazon etcetera and sell your goods through them for best results.

24. Paying Guest

Starting an accommodation facility for students or office goers in the form of a paying Guest residential complex is a sure shot way to ensure a monthly income.

25. Bakery

If baking is your passion and you feel you can handle large orders, you can sit at home and run the business from your kitchen itself.

26. Resume writing

There are many people applying for jobs who are not efficient in writing a resume, their main recruiting point. So they outsource their work to specialists. You could be one such specialist and write resumes and earn money.

27. SEO consulting

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of every website and you could work as a consultant tracking appropriate keywords for these websites.

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28. Soap making

It is one of the easier things to do and has a lot of room for improvisation. You can experiment with color, size, shape, almost anything. This homebound business is a definite winner.

29. Tutoring

If you like teaching, this is definitely the thing for you. Tutoring can be done at home or in an institution and has a lot of scope for earning by investing a minimal amount of time.

30. Translator

If you are multilinguistic, this is definitely the profession for you. Being a translator has its own perk. You can travel along with your team and experience a different culture. Being a translator is not everyone’s cup of tea, so it is highly paid as well.

Final verdicts

These 30 small business ideas for women are the biggest prospects of a business venture in 2020 which is definitely a promising sign.

Can’t find a good business? Never mind, here is the list of 150 best business ideas, hope you like them.

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