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Top Key Elements to Increasing Your Fundraising Revenue

Raising funds for any purpose has taken a major hit over the last two years. With the coronavirus pandemic, many eyes have been forced to look inward, and as a result, levels of donations and backing will have gone into a downward spiral.

With that in mind, here are some tactics that could be used to inject some life into a floundering campaign or create a new approach to raising funds as you approach 2022.

1. Upgrade Your Website

With the decline in the number of face-to-face interactions accelerating further due to the pandemic, many of the tools at the disposal of the fundraiser have become of limited use. One approach, then, is to make as much information about your campaign and its goals available online so that those wanting to help but unable or unwilling to interact in person can find out everything they need from home.

If this approach is to be taken, engaging some kind of professional help to spruce up your website (or even rebrand it altogether) might be the best way forward. Also, you would need to ensure that the same passion for your cause comes over in your online message as it would if you were in the same room as your potential donors. Getting this right also has the added bonus of working for you 24/7 and to a potentially wider audience.

2. Donor Recognition

It can be difficult to acknowledge all of your donors, especially if your organization has a large number of contributors who all make a small but significant difference to your cause. There are a number of ways to do this, including a roll of names on your upgraded website or dedicated trees or landmarks in the grounds of your organization. These are effective methods, but more novel or unique methods like engraved bricks could attract more donors, as the number of bricks in a building or on a path can be much greater than other methods.

3. Utilizing social media more effectively

To promote your cause and potentially get traffic flooding to your upgraded website, adding force to your social media campaigns could be next on your ‘to do’ list. It’s easy to get lost in the deluge of information that bombards potential new donors, so a passionate message like the one on your website repurposed in various forms for each platform, or a unique reward like the engraved bricks can make you stand out from the crowd and even get a viral boost from those that appreciate a novel or passionate approach.

A few final thoughts

Raising funds over the last two years has been difficult, and without some innovative or drastic action, that situation looks unlikely to improve. However, by recognizing the possibilities offered by enhancing what potential donors can see online on your website or social media and finding novel ways to recognize those that do donate, a potentially bumpy road could be turned into a much smoother ride.

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