7 Silicon Valley Tech startups to watch in 2019

These tech startups are touted as the future but there is still a lot of scope for innovation and improvement left to explore. If you have any such buzzing idea in mind then nothing is more than that of Silicon Valley.

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Silicon Valley Tech Companies. Image Source: Tech Animations.

One thing that has really caught up with the present generation is the idea of tech startups. They crop up by the hour and every new one is a novelty in its own sense. Though the emergence of silicon valley startups is spread all along the globe, one place where it seems to be significantly more advanced and developed is the Silicon Valley.

The number of entrepreneurs flocking to this fabled land is more than anyone could have ever imagined. Yes, there are other places where an equal amount of capital can be easily procured, however, there seems to be no other place where most people have an uncanny determination and grit to innovate and be supportive of new ideas as such. 

In order to make a startup work you need to be able to think on your feet and out of the box, dream bigger than it has been done before and be in the proper mindset to disrupt the ongoing status. Silicon Valley harbors maximum individuals who have these qualities in them.

The most encouraging aspect of the entrepreneurs of this place is their ability to deal with failures and not be bogged down by it. Instead, they treat failures as a stepping stone towards success, taking it on the stride. Complete messiness is more common than success actually, being calm and level-headed about it is a big virtue that they possess.

Now that you have a fair idea about why Silicon Valley is considered the hub of tech startups, here is a list of 7 such silicon valley startups which has promised a lot of potentials and is expected to be rise significantly in 2019.

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nurx silicon valley startupsThe first name comes in the silicon valley startups is Nurx. As we know, Birth control is one of the basic necessities for women around the world and Nurx facilitates easy access to it through the use of a digital application.

By using Nurx, all you have to do is the request for a prescription online and next thing you know, it will be at your doorstep.

The co-founder of the organization, Han Gangeskar is of the idea that there are certain aspects of healthcare that should be readily available instead of people having to undergo a process to procure them.

People call each other about an emergency prescription for birth control all the time. Therefore, it seemed like a humanitarian and profitable startup to venture in.

According to the laws, anyone who had insurance for health was entitled to free birth control. Even if insurance is not done, birth control starts at 15 dollars a month.

Currently, 15 states have the application available for prescriptions and the startup is slated to expand in the time to come.


shippo Silicon Valley startupsThe second name comes in silicon valley startups is Shippo. When you order something from e-commerce sites, the onus is generally on the retailer to implement the shipping services.

However, with the advent of Shippo, customers can now have access to multiple shipping and delivery options and choose the most convenient for themselves.

This way the process becomes much faster and the user is at a profit both time-saving wise and financially. They mainly use cloud-based software to go initiate the shipping protocol.

Blair Hanley Frank recently spoke in an interview about Shippo stating that they can provide their services to close to 35000 customers.

This facility is available to many retailers and e-commerce sites who can implement it to provide the convenience of letting the customer choose the shipping their shipping providers. 


Gladly customer service platformsOne of the major criteria for a business to succeed is the kind of relationship that they have and maintain with their customers.

Gladly is one of the most silicon valley startups that is mainly targeted at businesses that helps them create an experience for their customers that is highly personalized.

Whether it be retail or finance, travel as well as hospitality Gladly has a solution for all of it. They ensure that the customer has fast and easy access to the customer support center who is more than capable of solving the doubts and answering the queries.

The success of the San Francisco based company can be judged by the fact that it is valued at 63 million at the moment and have around 50 employees working for them.

Biome Makers

Biome makers Microbial Network Intelligence agricultureThe understanding of the microbiome is an important aspect of any biotechnology company and Biome Makers specializes in it.

DNA sequencing and Intelligent Computing, to which the company holds autonomous proprietary are the two main methods used in order to enhance the agricultural products and their quality.

They have 3 main places of impact which includes reduces reliance on the use of chemicals, using microorganisms instead for varying solutions and reducing the impact that diseases have in mankind.

On studying closely, all the three aspects are inter-related and can be achieved when working in tandem with each other.

A biome, from which its name has been derived, is basically a complex community of flora and fauna that interacts with each other and produce conducible effects.


impactvision real time food quality decisionHyperspectral technology is the latest technological advancement available that combines the idea of digital imaging along with chemical spectroscopy to create a globalized food chain that is more secure and safe.

All that a user has to do is take a picture of a food product and all the important compositions along with the nutritional values and proteins, fats, moisture etcetera are revealed.

This will result in a reduction of sampling techniques which are destructive in nature. The quality of the food is enhanced and this increases the transparency of the ImpactVision which ultimately will be beneficial for the company.

This non-invasive method of judging food products has been hailed as a deal breaker by many.


Ripe quality of foodOther than knowing the nutritional contents of a food product another important aspect is to know where and under what conditions the food was produced and did it pertain to safety standards.

Ripe.io revolutionized the digital food chain supply concept by making use of technology related to blockchain in general.

Farmers are sometimes not aware of what the markets want with the changing times and are not able to act accordingly.

Once they have access to this app, even that problem can be easily dealt with. Thus, there is a complete tracking of the supplier and this will lead to the verification of trust that a customer places on a product or brand.

Biomarker Labs

biomarker fitness appThe last name comes in the ‘list of silicon valley startups 2019’ is Biomarker Labs. The use of supplements to meet the nutritional requirements is becoming increasingly common these days.

This silicon valley startups took advantage of the changing trend and took into consideration a person’s health metrics. Their different contextual requirements, and symptoms and suggested supplements that would benefit them significantly.

Once a user uses the supplement, they receive the data about how it was beneficial, so that they can record the patterns of effect with Biomarker app.

All this has been helped by the fact that almost everyone owns a smartphone or a smartwatch which are capable of recording all these parameters, making the collection of records part easy.

Since the applications of this startup are profound, the chances of it succeeding on the global scale are pretty high.

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Yes, these Silicon valley startups are touted as the future but there is still a lot of scope for innovation and improvement left to explore. If you have any such buzzing idea in mind, give it a nice, hard thought and venture into it wholeheartedly. If you are looking for a place to start, you already know that nothing beats the Silicon Valley in this respect.


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