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Adoption of new ways while coming back to Workplace

Over the past few months, the government had ordered the people to work from home across the globe. The pandemic has changed a few things irreversibly as the world has realized that people can be reasonably productive working from home. However, there are numerous factors that need to be kept in mind while one is thinking of coming back to work.

There are forces that are shaping and defining the ‘new normal’ at workplaces. What may emerge going ahead is a blended-office version, especially in technology-enabled sectors, where remote working can help save significant costs while enhancing productivity. There is an immediate transformation. Workspaces have moved home at least for most of India. People are not going to go to work yet unless they are needed. Manufacturing must go to work, but even in manufacturing, people are trying to enforce social distancing. Offices as we know it, right now, are mostly vacant. The norm is simple — if you can manage from home, then please work from home because the risks and the potential downside of opening are high. Stay safe always.

The ability to move from the work-office to home-office has been amazingly simple from the technology perspective. However, technology is only one element of the WFH perspective as not every home has an office. Technology has been there and has made it easy for many companies. But then there is the physical element, which has been a challenge. The other challenge is with organizations quickly adopting videoconferencing technology to make sure that everyone could connect. Here are tips for coming back to work after Covid19

  • All shared spaces in offices and factories to be sanitized– Almost all offices have shared spaces in offices and factories which is used by lot many people. It should be ensured that everything is sanitized.
  • Ensure that one employee is present at shared places– It is mandatory to note that only one employee is present at shared places.
  • Masks are compulsory– Masks are already widely used and they should be kept mandatory.

Staying safe at work is crucial. Over the past few months, employment had shifted from being a lifelong contract to a taxicab relationship. The cognitive elite can work from home. But for 90% of the people in India, it is not work from home and it’s time to return. Here are guidelines to follow while coming back to work after Covid19.

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