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Four Reason Why You Must Start Your Own Business Today

Every once in a while when you drag yourself out of your bed you decide that it is time to branch out, start your own business, and work for yourself. You are in full motion of putting your thought to paper. But as you reach your office the momentum loses force and you spend the rest of your day doing the same dreary work for a paycheck that would be coming at the end of the month.

You always give yourself plenty of reasons like, secure payment, the market being volatile, no place for new entrepreneurs, etc. but that is far from the truth. Here are some of the most valid reasons to start your own business today –

1. Because you can- (start your own business)

Because you can start your own business
            Make clarity, strong vision, and positivity while starting a business. Image Source:

Your age becomes the first hurdle that you must overcome. In the twenties, it is because you lack the experience that you do not wish to start, and then in your thirties, you ponder whether it is a good idea or not to leave or not to leave a well-paying job. In your forties, when you feel ready in terms of experience and financial security, most push it back in the name of the mid-age crisis.

But in reality, you can start a business just about any time you wish. Yes, the experience is a necessary part of establishing your business but you do not need to overdo it. An experience of a couple of years is enough to understand the ins and outs mechanisms of the business. After that, it is all about securing the financial needs of your company. 

The twenties can be considered the best time to start your own business as you have no responsibilities and a high drive.  The Thirties is also not a bad time. You have all the financial security that you need to create a start-up. The Forties is your ideal time to think about taking a risk as by them you have mastered the art of running a business, made the necessary relation you need to succeed, and have laid the foundation walking on which you would be able to create your business empire.

2. Because you are independent –

A business certainly gets on the path of your well-desired ability to attain freedom. First, it is structural freedom, then freedom from time and finally, financial freedom. You may feel that you are not ready to give up every luxury and lead a life on bread and water but it is all worth it in the end.

Also, if you plan things in detail and move forward following it you would never really have to be without anything. In your business plan can put a certain section on monthly expense or daily expense, where you would set aside an amount that you need to live a normal life without going bankrupt. 

Putting in a time limit on your business is also a great idea. Many of the first time businessmen do not understand the importance of it! But for the seasoned players, it is a necessity that should not be avoided at any cost. There are lots of things we need to consider before launching a business.

Having a time limit ensures that you do not go bankrupt trying to run a business that is not picking up. This way you can go back and analyze what went wrong to come back with greater glory. Running a business gives you the independence to do that.

3. Cannot wait to go to work 

Working on a job that you do not like for the paycheck takes out a lot for an individual who has to go there and work on a daily basis. It is quite like a school where students do not feel like going every day but have to, forgetting their attention. At least, you had the chance of getting out early after roll call but at your job, you really do not have that.

If you are done with the urge to push yourself off the bed every morning then starting your business is the best option. By starting your own business you would feel a drive that was missing from your life over a number of years. You would feel like a new person and might end up having numerous happy sleepless nights due to the excitement of starting something new.

4. Meet and Nurture new talent 

Connect with the right people new talent
                                            Connect with the right people. Image Source:

After you start your own business you would come to realize that you are not the only one out there who is bored with doing the mundane jobs. There are many people who start and end their lives working 9 to 5 but there is a fraction that is not so happy, doing it. They want the thrill in their life and also some flexibility to do as they wish.  You can get in touch with the vibrant, innovative, and talented people on various portals. All you need to do is learn how to identify the right talent and what are the steps involved in the recruitment process.

These talented people would thrive in your business with flexible working hours and a chance to work from where they wish if they do not feel like coming to the office. Though most corporate houses are currently introducing it to their employees they are quite slow. 

They have been around for ages and do not feel like the change would improve anything. In comparison, recent start-ups funded and operated by employees are more than happy to offer these solutions to their employees as they understand the need for it and were once denied the opportunity. This would ensure that your discovered talents feeling appreciated would not feel like leaving.

Conclusion –

There are many people who feel that start your own business is a lot of hassle but in reality, it is one way through which you are able to grow. Not only in age but also in experience as well! The initial hazards are often outweighed by the happiness of success. Along with happiness, you would also feel the pride of starting a company with a cloud PBX system that will allow you to monitor call flow in real-time.  

No one would be able to take the happiness from you and if by any chance you cannot make it, this serves as a learning curve that you would base your next venture on. All you need is to give yourself a chance to make the magic happen! 

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