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How 3D Printing Could Revolutionize the Future of Manufacturing Industry

One of the technologies that have a very bright future ahead is 3D printing technology.  It is certain that this technology is going to be a powerful force that will shape the future of the manufacturing industry. It will be used in almost every imaginable field and from health care to aeronautics; most industries will […]

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New Technology in 3D printing uses Light rays

In what has been hailed as a breakthrough, scientists at University of California, Berkley and LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) have unveiled 3D-printer, which can profile objects with the help of the light rays in 3D Printing. The scientists have nicknamed this 3D printing technology, the “replicator” in honor of the famous Star Trek contraption, which […]

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5 Technology Trends you must Invest in 2021 for Maximum Return

Companies around the world have been investing hundreds and thousands of dollars in technology every year to foster growth, innovation, and improve overall efficiency. This is specifically why investors around the world are keeping an eye on the latest technological trends and developments where they can invest their money and enjoy higher returns in the future. […]

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