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Evolution of Chatbots – AI
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The Evolution of Chatbots: From Simple Scripts to AI-Powered Conversations

The evolution of chatbots is a remarkable journey, from basic scripted interactions to today’s AI-powered conversations. Early chatbots used predefined rules for responses, but the introduction of Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled more natural interactions. Machine learning integration made them adaptive, and the emergence of virtual assistants expanded their capabilities.  Generative AI now allows context-aware

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GPT-4 Rival Gemini
Science & TechnologyTechnology

Things you should know about Google’s upcoming AI model, Gemini, the GPT-4 rival.

Google’s answer to Open AI’s GPT-4 rival ‘Gemini’, is about to launch. A team of researchers from Google’s now-merged DeepMind and Google Brain divisions is developing the next-gen, multimodal AI model. google’s gemini which is rival of GPT-4 This model is being promoted as a major advancement in natural language processing. It is expected to

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Google AI safety
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Elon Musk poached a Google scientist and justified it by saying Larry Page shouldn’t have been so cavalier about AI safety

Elon Musk and Sam Altman convinced a Google scientist to join them in cofounding Open AI by offering him a $1.9 million salary and bonus. In his biography of Musk, Walter Isaacson describes how Musk justified poaching talent from Google to its then-CEO Larry Page after shadowing the tech billionaire for three years. In 2014,

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Microsoft AI tool
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Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Tools Trigger 34% Spike in Water Consumption

A product like ChatGPT can be difficult to measure in terms of its cost. To teach its artificial intelligence system how to mimic human writing, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence-backed OpenAI needed plenty of water from the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers in central Iowa to cool a powerful supercomputer. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, OpenAI, and Google have

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AI Regulations
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IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Calls for Regulating Bad AI Use Cases, without Stifling Technological Advancement

In New Delhi, IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna emphasized that artificial intelligence (AI) does require guardrails and regulations to prevent harm to users, but that the focus should be on regulating bad use cases, not on slowing down the technology. According to Krishna, AI will have a positive impact on certain repetitive and mundane

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AI Replace millions of jobs
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How AI May Replace 30 Million Jobs, With Women Most Affected, Says ILO

A new study by the International Labour Organization, or ILO, published on Monday finds admin workers and women face greater risks of losing their jobs due to artificial intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence(AI) may replace millions of jobs of men and women both. According to the study, automation affects women more than twice as much as

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Banking & InsuranceTechnology

Revolutionizing Offline Payments: UPI Takes a Leap into the AI Era

Paying through UPI (Unified Payments Interface) has become easier, but the effort to simplify procedures is still ongoing. To pay with conversational UPI, India’s central bank is bringing in artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easier to scan QR codes, click and enter PINs for each transaction. At the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting, RBI

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Artificial Intelligence stocks
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3 Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Buy Right Now

As per the experts, the artificial intelligence market size has been pegged at USD 136.55 billion in 2022. This is expected to compound at 37.3% over 2023 to 2030. The rigorous research and innovation done by the tech majors are increasing the adoption of advanced technologies across several industry verticals including automotive, healthcare, retail, finance,

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AI jobs

How Non-Tech Companies are Attracting AI Talent with Lucrative Six-Figure Salaries

Developers, engineers, and consultants working with generative artificial intelligence AI are seeing new job opportunities outside of the traditional tech sector. Non-tech firms listed a wide range of salaries — many of which exceeded $100,000 in base pay. There was a salary range of $250,000 to $300,000 listed for a machine learning researcher position at

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Wipro invests AI future
Economic & FinanceInvestingTechnology

Wipro invests $1 billion in AI-driven future

In response to recent announcements from TCS and Infosys, Wipro has indicated that it is focusing on enhancing its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities as well. As it launched Wipro ai360, an end-to-end innovation ecosystem, Wipro announced on Wednesday that it plans to invests $1 billion over the next three years to advance its artificial intelligence

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