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Careers Facts & Comment

You Might Be Wasting Your Time Applying To These Ghost Jobs: Report

“With more than 300 applications and no interest, I don’t bother applying to these ‘Ghost jobs’ anymore,” said Will. “It’s just a waste of time at this point,” says Will, whose real name is withheld. Due to an undersupply of career opportunities, people with master’s degrees and MBAs from top schools are having a difficult […]

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5 Things For International Students to Consider

Going to university is a major life decision and a new chapter in your life, but it is an even greater decision for international students coming to the UK to study. There are many reasons why an international student will want to come and study in the UK, but there 5 important considerations that you […]

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India’s unemployment rate stoops to 6.57%: CMIE 

As India’s unemployment rate stoops to 6.57%, the urban unemployment rate is 8.16%. According to CMIE, India’s unemployment rate has been the lowest since March 2021.  As per the CMIE report, “While unemployment in urban India stood at 8.16% in January, in rural areas it was the lowest at 5.84% in rural areas. In December, […]

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Careers Education

Tips for New College and University Graduates

As a college or university graduate, the world is truly your oyster. With your recently awarded degree, you’ll be able to enter your desired industry and pursue the career you love.  Along the way, though, you’re going to encounter a lot of challenges and potential disappointments. It’s important to recognize that modern job markets are […]

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Online Degrees: What they Mean for Your Career

Online degrees have come a long way from their early days, and now offer professionals and even young people the means to access a greater number of degrees with greater flexibility than ever before.  Though the online degree still has a way to go and will surely adapt and change in the coming years to […]

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The Ministry of Tribal Affairs collaborates with Microsoft to skill educators and students in next-generation technologies including Artificial Intelligence

With a vision to build an inclusive, skills-based economy, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MTA) today inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Microsoft to support the digital transformation of schools such as Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) and Ashram Schools, among others under the Ministry at an online event ‘Empowering Youth For Success’. Against […]

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