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China economy slowdown
Economic & Finance

China Economy on the Brink of a Full-Blown Financial Crisis, Warns Market Expert

Despite china economy slowdown, the country may still experience a few rebounds, similar to the “false dawns” Japan saw in the 1990s. The Chinese tech sector, which continues to outperform other leading economies, could cause temporary bouncebacks. Despite Beijing’s heavy-handed regulation of its tech firms, these industries continue to grow; for example, China is the

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Mercedes electric car
AutomobileEnergy & EnvironmentVehicle

Among China’s growing threat, Mercedes unveils an electric car with a longer range than any Tesla

As the German luxury-car maker intensifies its challenge to Tesla Inc., Mercedes-Benz Group AG unveiled an electric car with a longer range than any Tesla Inc. model. The company presented a near-production concept of its CLA sedan rated to go more than 750 kilometers (466 miles) on a single charge, beating Tesla’s updated Model 3.

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Apple Stock falls China ban
Economic & FinanceMarket OverviewStocks & FundsTechnology

Apple’s Stock Plummets as China Imposes iPhone Ban on Government Officials

The Apple stock fell about 3%, following a 4% decline on Wednesday, after reports suggested that iPhones might be banned for Chinese government workers. According to reports, Apple’s products could be caught up in international tensions between the U.S. and China as a result of the reported restrictions, which the Chinese government hasn’t publicly announced.

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Chinese yuan US dollar
Commodities & CurrencyEconomic & Finance

Why Chinese yuan will struggle to challenge the dominance of the US dollar

Despite slow and steady global de-dollarization, the Chinese yuan has little chance of dethroning the US dollar. It makes sense for China to want its yuan, or a collective of other currencies, to break up the dominance of the dollar, according to a note by GlobalData TS Lombard’s Skylar Montgomery. Montgomery says the dollar’s reserve

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Chinese economy
Economic & FinancePolitics

How the Chinese Government Masks its Economy Turmoil

The Chinese economy will still be important to global business, but it will no longer serve as the engine of growth because of this transformation. While those on the outside will be able to observe the economy, it will become increasingly difficult to understand what’s going on inside. But it will still advance, but much

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China's economic troubles
Economic & Finance

The Debt Supercycle: Unveiling the Culprit Behind China’s Economic Troubles, Harvard Economist Reveals

Top economist Kenneth Rogoff says China’s economic troubles are the result of a debt bubble that started in 2008 – and money used to prop up growth over the past decade is now hitting back. A Harvard professor wrote an op-ed for Project Syndicate last week pointing to a “debt supercycle” that started in the

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Apple I phone 14 Manufacturing
Mobiles & GadgetsProductivity

Apple iPhone 14 Production Shifts to India, Breaking its Reliance on China!

Sources say the Apple iPhone 14 manufactured by Foxconn’s plant will be sold both domestically and overseasAt Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur plant near Chennai, Apple has begun production of its flagship iPhone 14. Both domestic and export markets will be served by the iPhone 14 manufactured at the plant. Is Apple iPhone 14 dividing its fan base?

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china economy deflation
Economic & Finance

China Battle Against Deflation: Urgent Actions Needed for Economic Revival

The China is experiencing deflation for the first time in almost two years, yet another sign that Beijing might need to introduce stimulus measures to revive its stuttering economy. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the consumer price index (CPI), which measures the cost of an average shopping basket, fell 0.3% in

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china US war
World Affairs

The US and China on the Brink of Conflict, America’s Unpreparedness Exposed

Neither side will ever be fully prepared for war in a showdown between the world’s two largest powers. Fighting in a global conflict requires a significant amount of mobilization, and until the fight starts, it is difficult to predict the extent of the resources needed. Relations between the two superpowers continue to deteriorate, even as

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China support russia
PoliticsWorld Affairs

China Support for Russia: Is Putin Playing with Fire? Cold War Historian Warns of Potential Consequences

In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China has been the country’s strongest ally – but relying on that partnership too heavily could spell trouble for Russian President Vladimir Putin. In part, the desire to curb US power drove Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping to boast about their “no limits” friendship. China has

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