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The Bitter Truth: How Climate Change threatening the Global Tea Industry

Planters’ body Indian Tea Association (ITA) said climate change is threatening the tea industry globally, resulting in lower yields and higher production costs. Climate change also threatening the long-term viability of the tea industry, causing pest infestations that make pesticide residue management a major issue. According to ITA, the industry must adopt a multifaceted approach

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A new discovery by Scientists say that cold-blooded animals may extinct due to climate change

Scientists claim that Climate change is affecting everyone. Animals are no exception. There are chances that cold-blooded animals like insects, worms, reptiles, fish, and amphibians may face the risk of extinction as they cannot bear extreme heat due to global heating. Although, warm-blooded animals like mammals and human-beings are able to adapt with the temperature

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What Are the 3 Biggest Contributors to Climate Change?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. The scientific consensus is clear: human activity is primarily responsible for the warming of our planet and the resulting changes in weather patterns, sea levels, and ecosystems. But what are the biggest contributors that are contributing the most to this problem and is

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World Fund to Invest $128 Million in Game Changing “Quantum” Technology Anticipating Climate Change

World Fund $128 million investment in IQM is a sign of confidence that the Finnish quantum computing company will one day deliver full carbon cuts by the megatonne. Companies like IQM raise awareness of the potential of quantum computing by focusing on how it could impact fields like chemistry and machine learning, but skeptics argue

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Rise of Greenhouse gas emissions in U.S. hikes dramatically

The dramatic surge in Greenhouse Gas emissions puts the U.S. far off track from its Climate oriented Goals. Such a substantial rise of 6.2% in Greenhouse Gas emission is a byproduct of a rebound in the economic crisis.   US Greenhouse Gas emissions on a steep incline During the aftermath of the Covid Crisis, Greenhouse Gas

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World: Highest Food prices recorded in 10 years

Highest food prices ever recorded in 10 years with a 28% jump in 2021. While prices in the food price index fell in December, vegetable oil prices continued to surge.  World Food Prices Surge 28% in 2021 Worldwide economies struggle to recover from COVID-19, especially countries that rely on imports. The highest food prices recorded

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COP26 and the commitment pledges towards Climate Change

The entire world is witnessing the severity of Climate Change as observed by COP26.  It is no secret that this year has been host to numerous destructive events caused by the hike in climate change. This year’s COP26 summit’s agendas revolved around several political spouts regarding the rising temperature. During the COP26 conference summit in

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Vikram Solar organized Climate Change Art and Design competition

India, 14th November 2019: On the occasion of Children’s Day, Vikram Solar, one of India’s leading module manufacturers and a prominent rooftop solar & EPC solutions provider, organized a ‘Sit & Draw’ competition at The Heritage School, Kolkata. The competition was organized with an aim to increase awareness on Climate Change amongst school children and

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How Blockchain technology playing a pivotal role against Global Warming

Today, global warming is the biggest problem facing the world. We have tried all possible methods to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and climate change but it remains extremely palpable in 2019. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global temperatures could rise by 2 degrees over the next century, with the potential to

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Earth’s Climate Stability Depends on Amazon rainforest

Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest. It covers approximately 2.2 million square miles. Amazon rainforest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen and plays an essential role in regulating and maintaining the global climate. Due to the continued destruction of its forest, it is measured that as many as ten thousand square kilometers of drought per

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