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The wife did not get treatment due to fear of Coronavirus, the report came negative

Meerut: The situation is worsening due to coronavirus, people are not interested in helping anyone because of fear of coronavirus. Fear of coronavirus emerged to such a level that even doctors are not caring for their patients, it sounds terrible to hear. Don’t think so? It is true, we are sharing a real incident of […]

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Why did Wuhan in China become the epicentre of the coronavirus?

Source: Youtube/FalunDafaIndia It is interesting to note that Liu Bowen, an ancient sage in the Ming Dynasty, predicted the time, location and susceptible population of the outbreak of coronavirus in his book Taibai Mountain Monument Inscription, in the following verses:  “One worries the onset of disaster in Huguang (a region in China that includes Hubei), which […]

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