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Covid subvariant in the US
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EG.5: The Emerging COVID Subvariant Ravaging the U.S. – What You Need to Know

A new Covid subvariant, EG.5, is becoming a dominant strain in countries including the United States and Britain, piqued the attention of public health experts around the world. With the advent of successful vaccinations and better social management, however, the Coronavirus has waned. In the 28 days up to Aug. 3, more than 1 million

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China's economy is getting down
Economic & Finance

The Struggles of China’s Economy in Turbulent Times

Beijing has grappled with sputtering growth, a plunging yuan, and a sharp fall in china’s economy industrial production since reducing zero-COVID lockdowns last year. Deflation can now be added to the growing list of economic concerns facing the country. In June, the average Chinese shopping basket cost the same as in May, while the Producer

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Corona virus cases in India
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Coronavirus Continues to Spread in India with Over 1,800 New Cases Recorded Today

It is likely that the dominant virus strain in India is the XBB.1.16 sub-variant of Omicron, according to the Union health ministry. In India, 1,805 new Coronavirus cases were reported on Sunday, bringing the total number of active Coronavirus cases to 10,300. Four Covid-19 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours, one each

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Covid Face Blindness
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New Study Links Long Covid with Increased Risk of Face Blindness

A study suggests that prolonged symptoms of COVID-19 may be associated with difficulties recognising faces, a condition called face blindness, and navigation issues. In previous studies, COVID-19 has been shown to cause a range of neurological problems, including loss of smell and taste, as well as impairments in attention, memory, speech, and language, or “brain

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fourth wave of coronavirus more dangerous
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Here is why fourth wave of coronavirus infection is more dangerous

In this time the coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly and it affects the young population more. Its symptoms are high fever, body aches etc. This is the fourth wave of coronavirus infection that spreads so fast. The fourth wave of coronavirus is more dangerous The fourth wave of coronavirus is more dangerous than the first.

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coronavirus double mutant
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Is the new strain of coronavirus double mutant in the country?

The case of coronavirus that is on the rise is the highest rate at this time. The new strain is at its peak as the coronavirus double mutant in the country. Since the past few days, cases have been registering the highest rates. The only solution is vaccination and a vaccination campaign is underway but it takes

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corporate sector affecting coronavirus
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Corporate Sector Planning to Reopening is again Postponed

As the cases are again rising in worldwide. It affects the working area too. It postponed the plans of re-opening of offices and firms. Even the offices are again disturbed due to rising in coronavirus cases. The corporate sector is the main driver of the country’s economy, which is badly affected due to rising the cases of coronavirus

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effects of coronavirus on global markets
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Effects of coronavirus on global markets

About a month ago it was assumed that the novel coronavirus would be a localized problem of China and the situation would be manageable comfortably. It’d have an impact on global markets. But when it became clear that novel coronavirus was not limited to only China and the economic impact would be more widespread, the

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