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The wife did not get treatment due to fear of Coronavirus, the report came negative

Meerut: The situation is worsening due to coronavirus, people are not interested in helping anyone because of fear of coronavirus. Fear of coronavirus emerged to such a level that even doctors are not caring for their patients, it sounds terrible to hear. Don’t think so? It is true, we are sharing a real incident of […]

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When will we get relief from Coronavirus? Check this report…

The coronavirus epidemic is the biggest problem facing the world today. It is spread almost all over the world. The number of cases increasing on a daily basis – At present, there are 32,56,846 confirmed cases worldwide and the total number of deaths is 23,3,388. If we talk about India, there are 35,043 confirmed cases […]

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Can we really do justice to “Social Distancing” in India?

Ramesh is a car driver and his wife is a domestic helper in Delhi. Both have been living in Delhi for the past 13 years (from Jharkhand) to earn their living. They have three children who go to government schools. The family stays in a slum area in Delhi and shares a common bathroom with […]

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Over 500 Nepali workers entered from India fled from Quarantine

Kathmandu: More than 500 Nepalese workers who entered the country through Jamunaha border has escaped from quarantine on Monday. The workers were kept in quarantine since their arrival at the border point last week. However, they are able to skip the government temporary isolation spot for mitigating the possible spread of the Corona Virus. According […]

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Coronavirus: Why We Cannot Trust China

The novel coronavirus, now also known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, has spread to more than 170 countries around the world in less than three months. India is also not untouched by this epidemic. According to Hong Kong medical expert Prof. Gabriel Leung, if the spread of coronavirus is not checked, 60% of […]

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Myths on Coronavirus People Should Aware About

Covid-19: The coronavirus epidemic spread throughout the world. With preventive measures or cures and misinformation available on the Internet, it can be difficult to separate facts from fiction. A lot of myths are shared by people on the internet such as garlic water, bat soup remedy, hot water bath, weird self-test, etc. You will find […]

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Why You Will Never Ever Know the Facts About Coronavirus in China?

During the 4th June 1989 student pro-democracy protest in China, which is remembered as the Tiananmen Square massacre, the Chinese communist government claimed that “no shots were fired.” We asked with all due indignation ‘Why were we not told about the SARS epidemic?’ when the SARS cover-up by the Chinese communist party was finally exposed in […]

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Love in the time of Wuhan coronavirus?

With the fear psychosis gripping the world and almost every country spewing venom and racist sentiments against Asian communities in some places, one young man had the courage to stand in a public place and restore people’s faith in humanity. Love and compassion in the face of adversity make the act nobler. On Sunday, February […]

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