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When will we get relief from Coronavirus? Check this report…

The coronavirus epidemic is the biggest problem facing the world today. It is spread almost all over the world. The number of cases increasing on a daily basis – At present, there are 32,56,846 confirmed cases worldwide and the total number of deaths is 23,3,388. If we talk about India, there are 35,043 confirmed cases […]

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Health & Wellness Healthcare & Fiscal Pharma & Healthcare

Medical Doctors Need to Play a More Proactive Role

Doctors have always been at the forefront of peace and war. The nation still looks towards them whenever a calamity hits it. Doctors are continually battling diseases, death, and providing a soothing touch. Doctors are boosted to a demi-god status whenever a crisis hits humans. It was very encouraging and elating for Doctors to be […]

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