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Hotel covid demand rising
Economic & FinanceTravel

Hotels Covid Learnings: Fueling the Upcycle as Demand Continues to Surge

In the hotel sector, the covid pandemic hit hard causing travel to halt. However, these hardships led to some necessary cost rationalization by improving digital efficiencies, which is helping the hotels industry grow faster and surge its demand. The sector has grown for the last four quarters due to a recovery in leisure and business

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Moderna covid vaccine effective in eris variant
Health & WellnessHealthcare & FiscalPharma & Healthcare

Moderna Updated Covid Vaccine Shines Against the ‘Eris’ Variant

In an initial study, Moderna found that its updated Covid vaccine was effective against “Eris” and “Fornax” subvariants. In the coming weeks, the updated shot is expected to be available for the fall vaccination season, pending approval from health regulators in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. Novavax, Pfizer, and BioNTech have developed shots aimed

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Facebook posts removed
Healthcare & FiscalPoliticsSocial Media

Revealed Emails Shed Light on Facebook’s Response to Biden Administration’s Pressure to Remove COVID-19 Posts

Facebook executives feared CEO Mark Zuckerberg would be unhappy when the White House urged the company to clamp down on content regarding COVID-19 posts. In internal emails and communications, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden administration urged Facebook to remove content about COVID-19 posts, including theories about its origin and satire about vaccine

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Long covid pushed into more debt
Banking & InsuranceEconomic & FinanceFacts & CommentHealth & WellnessPersonal Finance

Long Covid’s Scar on the Credit Industry

It may be around three years now since the start of the COVID lockdowns but, in financial terms, they are still having a huge impact on many of us. Covid affects almost 38% of people falling in to debt; majority of the credit card holder – Credit card payments are still in due. That’s not

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China's economy is getting down
Economic & Finance

The Struggles of China’s Economy in Turbulent Times

Beijing has grappled with sputtering growth, a plunging yuan, and a sharp fall in china’s economy industrial production since reducing zero-COVID lockdowns last year. Deflation can now be added to the growing list of economic concerns facing the country. In June, the average Chinese shopping basket cost the same as in May, while the Producer

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Covid 19 singapore
Economic & FinanceState & UrbanTechnology

From Crisis to Opportunity: How Covid-19 Propelled Singapore Ahead of Other Cities

In many cities, the COVID-19 pandemic has now passed. There are still outbreaks, along with concerns and worries, but generally people are less concerned about it than two years ago. As a result of this once-in-a-lifetime medical crisis, countries and cities have responded differently. Those with the best resources as well as those who took

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Covid-19 vaccine
Health & WellnessHealthcare & FiscalPharma & HealthcareScience

Covid-19 vaccine efficacy can be affected by air pollution: Study

A study suggests that people exposed to high levels of air pollution before the pandemic have lower antibody responses to Covid-19 vaccine. According to researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) and the German Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) in Spain, exposure to fine particulates (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and blank carbon

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Covid China test lab
Healthcare & FiscalWorld Affairs

Covid most probably spilled from China government-controlled lab: Says FBI director

We all have heard about the origin of Covid 19 in China, but we are still looking for more proof through investigation. And, it seems that China has been working on blocking the investigation.  According to the FBI Director Chrisopher Wray, “ The FBI is almost sure about the possibility of the corona originating from

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one person dying every 44 seconds due to covid
Health & WellnessHealthcare & FiscalPharma & Healthcare

Earth is still not out of Covid; One person dying every 44 seconds: WHO Chief

With one person dying every 44 seconds on Earth, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the earth is still not out of the covid despite declining cases. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, said that this virus will not just fade away. “The decline in reported cases and deaths is continuing. But there

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A Man in Italy was found infected with Covid-19, Monkeypox and HIV at the same time
Health & WellnessHealthcare & FiscalPharma & Healthcare

A Man in Italy was found infected with Covid-19, Monkeypox and HIV at the same time, Here’s What Doctors Say

With global concerns about the spread of co-infections heightened, the young man in Italy with Covid-19, monkeypox and HIV was diagnosed. Experts say the Italian man’s case is unique because he developed all the symptoms of three diseases and admitted to unprotected sexual intercourse during a trip abroad. An Italian man turns up with co-infections

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